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DIY Doodle Workshop for Self Expression

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Employee Participation
Employee Participation
Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness

About this activity

Mindful Doodling is a way to connect with your inner self and express your feelings. This helps reduce the anxiety, and stress that your work-from-home employees are experiencing. Using Doodling as a unique technique, you can help your team members connect, bond, and engage with each other as well as with their inner self.

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Pass the face: Hilarious team activity

- A super energetic activity that gets all the employees to break the ice and start the session on a fun note
- In pass the face, one participant has to make a weird or funny face, and pass it to one of the colleagues
- The colleague then makes the same face, add their own funny face to it, and pass it to the next colleague
- The chain continues
10 Minutes

Introduction to Mindful Doodling

- A doodle drawing is something that is made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. A mindful doodle drawing is made consciously and is also used in art therapy
- In the first few minutes of this session, we understand the basics of mindful doodling
5 Minutes

How to doodle: learning the basics of Doodle art

- Understanding Scribbling, line art, shapes
- Learning about objects, and typography
- Getting to know the composition of doodle art
- Learning to observe things around and convert them into doodles
- Importance of doodling and it's benefits
20 Minutes

Making a live doodle

- Based on our learning we shall all make a live doodle on a themed situation e.g. things that we like / our daily routine / our expectations from 2023 / our childhood or anything of our choice
- At the end of the session, we display our creations
20 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live DIY Doodle Workshop Expert
    Live DIY Doodle Workshop Expert
    A professional artist trained in mindful art will be leading this virtual session
  • Live Show Host / Anchor
    Live Show Host / Anchor
    Live Show host to ensure that the audience is super engaged and participates in the workshop - along with creating super fun team activities

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