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Virtual Father's Day Celebration - Activities and Ideas

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About this activity

International Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. So, if you are looking for the fun father's day activities & celebration ideas at workplace, then you are at the accurate place.

SOSPARTY brings you the best father's day activities at work to c... read more

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The Beard Game

- In this super fun and exciting on-screen game, the participants/kids must guess if the dad in each family photo has a beard or not.
- The participants shout out the answers or complete an action (for example: touching the chin if they think the dad has a beard).
- This game can be played in teams or as individuals by all the participants at once
15 Minutes

What's in dad's wallet?

- Here's a fun challenge for all the participants
- The Gamemaster is going to take us through a series of common things that are found in dad's wallet
- The participants who get the maximum number of things in their wallets, win
- E.g. Coins making exactly Rs 23 (coins only), driver's license, family photo, etc
10 Minutes

The Coworker Feud: Gameshow

- Adapted from the famous US Tv Game Show: Family Feud, this virtual activity is as fun as it gets
- Filled with moments of laughter and hilarious conversations, the participants are in for a treat with this activity
- The questions of the game show have answers based on the real surveys
- Each question has multiple answers, but the top answers provide the most points
- This activity provides the classic entertainment value to all the participants and employees
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Minute to Win it Challenges

- A challenge for the father-children duo
- Does your participants have what it takes to be the best?
- We get the participating duos to slug it out it the minute to win it challenges
- This game will have 3 rounds to it and all the team members will get to participate in it
- Round 1: Situps with children on the shoulder
- Round 2: Button the shirt challenge
- Round 3: The Green Chilli Challenge
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Add on: Father's Day Karaoke & Musical Concert

- Game on! All the father-children duo come together to sing in chorus some of the best father's day themed songs
- This segment brings together all the participants and takes them on an emotional journey
- Post the Karaoke, a live musical concert creates the best experience for your employees
- Request your favorite songs and gift your employees the chance to bond together with their children
15 Minutes

Add on: Papa Presents

- Create a custom DIY Father's day swag for your parents
- Led by a professional DIY Artist, this add on section brings you something to take back as a souvenir from the celebration
- e.g. Paper Bracelet, Origami Heart, Father's Day Doodle Card, etc
- Make it and gift it!
20 Minutes

Add on: Live Speed Painting of Mahatma Gandhi

- If you haven't witnessed the magic of Speed Painting, SOSParty brings the magic to your place - The father of the nation - Mahatma Gandhi
- Experience a renowned and record holder artist display the speed painting skills to life some of the most memorable faces
- Customized for Father's Day, this segment leaves the audience amused and creates a great experience at the same time
Activity reference video
5 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live Show Host / Emcee
  • Live Speed Painting
    Live Speed Painting
  • Live Musician / Band
    Live Musician / Band

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