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Embark on a transformational corporate offsite and MICE event in Singapore with the best Event Company. Curated for your team's unique needs, our seamless planning and execution brings together 5-star venues, unforgettable team-building activities, and impeccable entertainment, all in the picturesque Singapore.

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Video Glimpses

Step into the world of Corporate Singapore Offsites with our curated video glimpses. See how SOS Party creates exceptional MICE events that blend engaging team activities, motivational sessions, and stunning entertainment into one seamless experience.

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What we offer

SOS Party Offsite Venue and Hotel Booking

Venue and Hotel Booking

From luxurious riverfront hotels to iconic 5-star and 4-star accommodations, we have venues and banquets in Singapore to suit both small and large teams, ensuring a comfortable and impressive setting for your corporate offsite and Singapore MICE travel events.

SOS Party Offsite Team Building and Engagement

Team Building and Engagement

Strengthen your team's bond with our innovative indoor and outdoor team building activities, designed to foster collaboration and communication, set against the dynamic backdrop of Singapore's urban landscapes and green spaces.

SOS Party Offsite Entertainment and Celebrities

Entertainment and Celebrities

Elevate your Offsite and Singapore MICE travel events with unforgettable entertainment options and celebrity performances. From live bands and drum circles to emcees and anchors, we bring the sparkle to your corporate and MICE events in the vibrant setting of Singapore.

SOS Party Offsite Branding and Decoration

Branding and Decoration

Transform your event space with our custom branding and decoration services, reflecting your company's identity and enhancing the overall experience of your Singapore offsite.

SOS Party Offsite Stage, Sound, and Lights

Stage, Sound, and Lights

Experience state-of-the-art stage setups, LED walls, crystal-clear sound systems, and dynamic lighting solutions that will make your Singapore corporate conference, Rewards and Recognition, and entertainment segments truly stand out.

SOS Party Offsite Transportation and Sightseeing

Transportation and Sightseeing

Explore Singapore with ease, thanks to our comprehensive transportation services. From airport transfers in air-conditioned buses and private cars to curated sightseeing tours of both the urban attractions and hidden gems, we ensure a seamless experience for your team.

Corporate Offsite Venues

Resorts and Hotels in Singapore

Access the best venues and hotels in Singapore, from iconic waterfront resorts to versatile conference centers and banquets. Our established relationships with these venues ensure exclusive rates and unmatched flexibility, providing a perfect setting for your corporate MICE event.

Hotel/Resort The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
Resort 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178 Singapore

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

(5-Star Property)

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore consistently receives high praise for its outstanding service, as guests frequently commend the staff for their dedicate..

Hotel/Resort Pan Pacific Singapore
Resort 7 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, Singapore 03959..

Pan Pacific Singapore

(5-Star Property)

The Pan Pacific Singapore earns commendation for its prime central location, conveniently situated near premier shopping areas and prominent landmarks..

Hotel/Resort The Holiday Inn Express Singapore
Hotel 270 Jalan Besar, Singapore 209019 Singapore

The Holiday Inn Express Singapore

(4-Star Property)

The Holiday Inn Express Singapore Serangoon is frequently lauded as a great value option, noted for its affordability and adequate facilities. Guests ..

Hotel/Resort Shangri-La Singapore
Resort 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350 Singapore

Shangri-La Singapore

(5-Star Property)

Situated close to Orchard Road, Shangri-La Singapore receives praise for its prime location near major shopping districts, although some guests expres..

Hotel/Resort Goodwood Park Hotel
Resort 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221 Singapore

Goodwood Park Hotel

(5-Star Property)

Goodwood Park Hotel stands as a prominent heritage landmark in Singapore. Originating from a distinctively styled building constructed in 1900, this 5..

Hotel/Resort Furama RiverFront
Hotel 405 Havelock Road, Singapore 169633 Singapore

Furama RiverFront

(4-Star Property)

Experience a sophisticated escape from city life at Furama RiverFront. This refined hotel offers beautifully furnished rooms equipped with contemporar..

Activities in Singapore

Team Building

Unleash your team's potential through innovative team-building activities in Singapore - whether it's a thrilling scavenger hunt through the city, strategic problem-solving games, or interactive cultural workshops. Each experience is custom-designed to build collaboration and elevate team bonding.

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Ancient Egypt Pyramid Building Team Challenge

Ancient Egypt Pyramid Building Team Challenge

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Catapult Building - Sky High Challenge: Team Building and Corporate Construction Activity

Catapult Building - Sky High Challenge: Team Build..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Building Bridges Collaborative Team Building Activity Using Remote Cars

Building Bridges Collaborative Team Building Activ..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Build a Bicycle - CSR Team Building Activity for Corporate Employees

Build a Bicycle - CSR Team Building Activity for C..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Build and Race F1 Cars: Turbo Team Challenge - The Ultimate Team Building Activity

Build and Race F1 Cars: Turbo Team Challenge - The..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Squid Games Revolution: The Corporate Teamwork Contest

Squid Games Revolution: The Corporate Teamwork Con..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Toy Factory CSR Charity Event: Creating Smiles

Toy Factory CSR Charity Event: Creating Smiles

SOS Party Offsite Activity- The Big Picture - Creative Team Building Painting Activity

The Big Picture - Creative Team Building Painting ..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Shark Tank Onsite Team Building Activity for Corporate Teams

Shark Tank Onsite Team Building Activity for Corpo..

SOS Party Offsite Activity- Urban Utopia - The City Build Challenge: Corporate Team Building Activity

Urban Utopia - The City Build Challenge: Corporate..

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Sightseeing in Singapore

Sky Dining in Singapore SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Sky Dining in Singapore

Singapore Flyer SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Singapore Flyer

Gardens by the Bay SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Gardens by the Bay

The Helix Bridge SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour The Helix Bridge

Merilon Park SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Merilon Park

Asian Civilisations Museum SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Asian Civilisations Museum

Fort Canning Park SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Fort Canning Park

Chinatown Singapore SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore City Tour Chinatown Singapore

Singapore Southern Islands SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore Yacht Cruise Singapore Southern Islands

Singapore Kayaking SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore Yacht Cruise Singapore Kayaking

Skyline Tour SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Singapore Yacht Cruise Skyline Tour

Universal Studio SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Universal Studio Tour Universal Studio

Sentosa 4D Adventureisland SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Universal Studio Tour Sentosa 4D Adventureisland

Cable Car Sky Pass SOS Party Offsite sightseeing Universal Studio Tour Cable Car Sky Pass

Book Local Artists

Entertainment in Singapore

SOS Party Offsite entertainment DJ


Energize your Singapore offsite with our DJ services, crafting the ideal soundtrack to bring your team together on the dance floor. We handle all necessary music licenses, including those required by COMPASS.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Drum Circle

Drum Circle

Ignite creativity and unity with a Drum Circle in Singapore, designed to enhance teamwork and cohesion among participants. This activity is suitable for both small and large groups.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Live Bands

Live Bands

Experience the live music at your Singapore event with our versatile bands. Performances to fit your event's theme, our bands offer an array of genres, from local Mandarin to international Hollywood hits.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Welcome Group

Welcome Group

Welcome your group to Singapore with an experience that reflects the vibrant culture of the city. Our welcoming services cater to groups of all sizes, ensuring a memorable first impression with a blend of traditional greetings.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Singapore Fire Show

Singapore Fire Show

Illuminate your evening with a stunning Fire Show in Singapore, where skilled performers blend artistry and daring feats to create a breathtaking spectacle. This captivating performance is sure to thrill and engage your team.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Magician / Mentalist

Magician / Mentalist

Enhance your event with the enchantment of magic and mentalism in Singapore. Our magicians and mentalists offer a sophisticated blend of illusion and mind-reading that will mesmerize and engage your audience.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Anchor / Emcee

Anchor / Emcee

Keep your offsite event engaging with our professional Anchors and Emcees, guiding the flow and ensuring a memorable experience for your team.

SOS Party Offsite entertainment Standup Comedian

Standup Comedian

Inject humor and laughter into your Goa Corporate Event with a Stand-up Comedian, offering a light-hearted break that boosts morale and fosters a relaxed atmosphere.

Book local artists

Top Artists

Impress your team members, clients, dealers, and guests with world-class entertainment and celebrity appearances in Singapore. From vibrant cultural performances to motivational talks by industry leaders, our carefully curated entertainment guarantees a memorable MICE and Offsite event.




Jenny Oaks Baker





Standup Comedian



Agenda and Schedule

Singapore Itinerary

Logistics in Singapore

Stage and Fabrication

Event Stage in Singapore SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Event Stage in Singapore

Sound and PA System SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Sound and PA System

Fabrication and Branding SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Fabrication and Branding

Corporate Photobooth SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Corporate Photobooth

Professional Technicians SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Professional Technicians

Event Decor SOS Party Offsite stage and fabrication Event Decor

Singapore Flights booking

Flights and Airport Transfers

SOS Party Offsite flight booking international and domestic image

Book your flights

International & Domestic

SOS Party Offsite bus booking full day, half day image

Find the right buses

Full day or half day basis


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At SOS Party, we understand that each corporate offsite event in Singapore is unique. That's why we offer customized pricing plans that align with your team's specific requirements and budget. Whether you're planning a strategy meeting or a large-scale conference, we provide transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Our comprehensive packages include venue selection, team-building activities, entertainment, and seamless logistics to ensure a smooth and memorable event.


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HR Testimonials

Watch first-hand client testimonials that reflect the positive impact of SOSParty's event on corporate employees.

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What makes Singapore an ideal destination for Corporate Offsite Events?

Singapore stands out as a premier destination for corporate offsites due to its vibrant blend of modernity, culture, and innovation. As a global business hub, Singapore offers world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge facilities, and a cosmopolitan environment that is both safe and inviting. The city's robust connectivity, with one of the world's best airports, facilitates easy international access. Additionally, Singapore's variety of venues - from luxurious waterfront hotels to creative spaces in heritage buildings - cater to every corporate need.

Beyond business, Singapore offers a plethora of leisure and team-building activities, from cultural tours and culinary adventures to thrilling attractions like Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer, ensuring a well-rounded experience for attendees. This unique combination makes Singapore an unmatched choice for hosting impactful and memorable corporate offsites.

How to plan a successful Corporate Offsite in Singapore?

Planning a successful corporate offsite in Singapore involves several key steps to ensure an engaging and productive experience for all participants. Start by defining the objectives of the offsite - whether it's team building, strategic planning, or celebrating achievements - to guide all subsequent decisions. Choose the right time of year, considering Singapore's tropical climate, to make the most of both indoor and outdoor venues.

Selecting the right venue is crucial; Singapore offers a range of options from luxury hotels on Sentosa Island to unique spaces like the ArtScience Museum. Next, design an agenda that balances work sessions with leisure activities. Finally, partner with a skilled event management company like SOS Party to bring your vision to life. With extensive local knowledge and expertise in crafting bespoke events, SOS Party can handle all logistics, from venue booking and decoration to arranging local entertainment and team-building activities.

Singapore Offsite


What types of venues can SOS Party book for corporate offsites in Singapore?

We offer a wide range of venue options in Singapore, from luxury waterfront hotels and exclusive meeting spaces to cultural venues and modern conference centers. Each venue is selected to meet the specific needs and preferences of your group.

How does SOS Party ensure a successful team building event?

We design team building activities that are tailored to your team's objectives, whether it's enhancing communication, boosting creativity, or fostering collaboration. Activities are facilitated by experienced professionals and can range from high-energy outdoor challenges to insightful indoor workshops.

What kind of entertainment can we expect at our corporate offsite in Singapore?

We provide a variety of entertainment options, including live bands, cultural performances, celebrity appearances, mentalists, jugglers, fire performers, standup comedians, and motivational speakers, all customized to complement the theme and atmosphere of your event.

Can SOS Party assist with branding and decoration for our event?

Absolutely! Our custom branding and decoration services are designed to reflect your company's identity and enhance the event atmosphere. We handle everything from stage design to venue decor to ensure your brand stands out.

What technical support does SOS Party provide for events?

We offer comprehensive technical support including state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, LED walls, professional sound systems, and dynamic lighting setups to ensure your event runs smoothly.

How does transportation work for corporate offsites in Singapore with SOS Party?

We provide complete transportation solutions, including airport transfers, transportation to and from event venues, and personalized sightseeing tours. All options are designed for comfort and efficiency, whether you prefer luxury coaches, private cars, or something in between.

How can I get a custom pricing quote for my event?

To receive a custom pricing quote, simply contact us through our website or call our customer service team. We will discuss your specific needs and provide a detailed proposal tailored to your event's requirements and budget.

Does SOS Party handle bookings for larger corporate groups?

Yes, we specialize in managing corporate events for groups of all sizes, from small teams to large delegations, ensuring every aspect of the event is meticulously planned and executed.

What types of corporate events does SOS Party specialize in?

SOS Party specializes in a wide range of corporate events, including offsites, conferences, MICE events, team building retreats, award ceremonies, and gala dinners. Each event is customized to meet the unique needs and goals of your organization.

Can SOS Party accommodate special requests or themes for corporate offsites?

Yes, we thrive on creating bespoke events tailored to your specific themes or requirements. Whether you're looking for a cultural immersion, a futuristic tech theme, or a wellness-focused retreat, we can design an event that perfectly matches your vision.

How far in advance should I book a corporate offsite in Singapore?

We recommend booking as early as possible, ideally 2-5 months in advance, to secure the best venues and accommodations. This also allows ample time for detailed planning and customization of your event.

Does SOS Party provide support for international attendees?

Absolutely. For international attendees, we offer visa assistance, multilingual support, and local guidance to ensure a smooth and welcoming experience throughout their stay in Singapore.

What makes SOS Party different from other event management companies in Singapore?

SOS Party distinguishes itself through personalized service, deep local expertise, and a commitment to innovation. Our experienced team goes above and beyond to create impactful experiences that are not only memorable but also deliver on strategic objectives.

How does SOS Party handle last-minute changes or emergencies during an event?

We are well-equipped to handle last-minute changes and emergencies. Our on-site team is trained to manage unexpected situations swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the event proceeds smoothly with minimal disruption.

What post-event services does SOS Party offer?

We provide comprehensive post-event analysis, including feedback collection, outcome assessments, and recommendations for future events. This ensures continuous improvement and client satisfaction.