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Virtual Pride Month Celebration: LGBTQ+ Happy Hour Activities

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Equality & Diversity
Equality & Diversity

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LGBTQ Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Riots in June 1969 that inspired the historic gay liberation movement and the fight for LBGT rights that followed. Today, it is the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ identity and a call to action to recognize pressing issues about equality above all else.

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Activity details

Activity type Time

Rainbow Welcome to Pride month celebration

- A bright and beautiful welcome to your colleagues to the virtual Pride Month celebration
- A bunch of super fun meani read more+ read less-
10 Minutes

Pride Day Landmarks Around the Globe

- To mark their support and celebration, popular landmarks across the globe have been lit in the rainbow colors
- In thi read more+ read less-
15 Minutes

LGBTQ+ Pride Flags Gameshow

- In order to help raise awareness and sensitize the participants about the LGBT+ community, this activity is designed f read more+ read less-
10 Minutes

The Trivia Battle: LGBTQ+ Movies, Celebrities and Historical Figures

- To help the audience know about the famous LGBT+ celebrities from all genres of life, we bring the LGTB+ trivia
- This read more+ read less-
15 Minutes

The Pride Parade Photobooth

- It's time to flaunt your rainbow attire or props and get into a super energetic vibe as we click your pictures virtual read more+ read less- Activity reference video
5 Minutes

Add on: DIY Pride Swag Workshop

- Create a custom DIY Pride Month swag
- Led by a professional DIY Artist, this add on section brings you something to t read more+ read less-
20 Minutes

Add on: Pride Vibe - Live Musical Concert

- Live musical concert with famous medleys
- Vibe up the evening with melodies that you can't miss
- A popular live musi read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

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