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The Ultimate Online Team Karaoke - Virtual Happy Hour on Zoom

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Looking for ideas and activities to host the ultimate online Karaoke Party for your work-from-home team? Sing along, because you have landed on the right theme and the right page on the internet.

100+ corporates have opted in for the Ultimate Online Karaoke Zoom party, and their employees couldn't have been happier.

Here's what we have in store:

This activity will be led by a professional anchor/emcee who'll bring in super fun icebreaker games, engaging activities like Talking Tokyo, Looking London, The Wheel of Fortune, and an ever-favorite online Musical Jamboree.

Thereafter, your team members and their families compete in an Online Karaoke Zoom Party. The rounds include:

- Complete me! (We start with the Karaoke and leave you hanging in between. Complete the lyrics and the music continues. The one who gets the lyrics right, wins this round.)

- Karaoke with a Twist (Right background music, but wrong lyrics. Focus hard, as this one is not easy to win.)

- Sing the Headlines (To make it super engaging for your team members, our emcee has got the most difficult challenge for the karaoke participants. Sing the news with background music.)

These online activities and games will make Karaoke super fun for your team. Go ahead and book your experience now!

Available Languages: Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujrati, Kannada

Karaoke Songs: Bollywood, Hollywood, Western, Tollywood, Punjabi, Kannada

Activity details

Activity type Time

Swag Se Swagat

- Krazy Karaoke Welcome and icebreaker games for all the team members and participants
5 minutes

Talking Tokyo, Looking London

- exciting Audio Video online games to kick off the party on a high note
5 minutes

Complete Me!

- We start with the Karaoke and leave you hanging in between. Complete the lyrics as the music continues. The one who gets the lyrics right wins this round.
10 minutes

Musical Jamboree

- Right background music, but wrong lyrics. - We have it all planned out to confuse you
10 minutes

Sing the Headlines

- To make it super engaging for your employees, our emcee will make them sing the news headlines with background music.
10 minutes

Tu Kheench meri photo

- Get ready to pose in your favorite celebrity style as we click your pictures
5 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Emcee / Show host
    Your live Karaoke show host is here. A professional and trained anchor with super fun musical team building and engaging activities up his sleeve.

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