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Online Body Movement Therapy to boost Mood and reduce Anxiety

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Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness

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Looking for unique, engaging, and fun virtual employee engagement activities? SOS Party presents to you the super fresh Zoom Mindful Monday Theme - Online Movement Therapy to boost team Mood and reduce Anxiety.

Led by a certified Movement Therapist, this virtual team activity helps in:

- Releasing stress

- Improving self-esteem

- Enhancing creativ... read more

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Activity type Time

Alien, Tiger, Cow: Team Warmup Activity

- Purpose: A fun way to get the team comfortable around each other and outside their shell
- On the count of 3, the play read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

The Imitation Game / On the Nose

- A real fun body movement game that helps team members to partner work, enhance creativity, relax body muscles and laug read more+ read less-
7 Minutes

Flex your Face

- Every emotion creates a certain kind of expression on our face. Through this activity, we get the participants to make read more+ read less-
6 Minutes

The Body Flow Session

- Express yourself through body movement
- Think it, become it
- This activity is facilitated by a professional Body Mov read more+ read less-
20 Minutes

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