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It's Funtakshari - 'Antakshari' with a twist! Your remote team and work-from-home employees are going to love this one.

Filled with a virtual musical concert on the theme of Bollywood / Hollywood / Tollywood or Punjabi songs, this online activity is our all-time favorite. Designed especially for IT Companies having a lot of techies, this theme wor... read more

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Filmy introductions and Bollywood Icebreaker activities

- Happiness Hunt: Super fun filmy virtual scavengers hunt. Guess the item, bring it to the screen, and sing a Bollywood song with that item
- This fun icebreaker activity gets everyone in the Bollywood zone
- By the end of this activity, the participants feel energized, and ready to party
10 minutes

Team divisions

- Using the breakout rooms, we'll be diving the participants into different Funtashari teams
- The teams have to select captains, decide team names and come up with sassy team slogans
- The teams will compete against each other in different rounds of Funtakshari
5 minutes

Funtakshari Round 1: Talking Tokyo Looking London

- A crazy fun audiovisual round to being the Funtakshari party
- Talking Tokyo Looking London is a famous and an ever hit round that works with all audience sizes and age ranges
10 minutes

Funtakshari Round 2: Tal Mel Ka Khel

- Emoji Special
- Guess the movie name from the sequence of emojis
- Sing a song from the same movie to win points
- 4 questions in this round
10 minutes

Funtakshari Round 3: Judwa

- Audio round
- A lot of songs in Bollywood are inspired by Hollywood, and music in other parts of the world
- In this round, we test your Bollywood knowledge. We'll be playing the original songs and your team has to guess and sing the Indian adaptations of it
10 minutes

Funtakshari Round 4: The Hook Step Challenge

- Each team will be given a chance to perform the hook step of some famous bollywood songs
- The teams will have to use easily available props at home to do the Hook steps
10 minutes

A night with the stars: Mimicry Artist Special

- With the mimicry artist
- We play a virtual KBC with Amitabh Bachhan and 100+ other characters from the world of Bollywood and Hollywood
- Guess the right answers and win prizes
- Request your favorite character mimicry too
15 minutes

Live Musical Concert

- Experience a live virtual musical concert with India's best musicians right in the comfort of your home
- Take the funtakshari excitement to the next level
15 minutes

Scorecard and Winners announcement

5 minutes


10 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Online Anchor
    Online Anchor
    A super fun anchor for your virtual event to keep the employees engaged with fun activities like Bollywood Quiz and interactive games.
  • Live Mimicry Artist
    Live Mimicry Artist
    A popular Live Mimicry artist on Zoom who'll do impeccable impressions of celebs, politicians, and cartoon characters that'll leave your team in splits
  • Live Musician
    Live Musician
    Add a live professional musician to your funtakshari event and level up with fun vibes with a live concert. Get your colleagues to put in their favourite requests, and jam along

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