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Know Your Colleagues
Know Your Colleagues

About this activity

Office Olympics is a super happening and unique virtual theme for work-from-home organizations that want to create a healthy competitive atmosphere for their remote team members!

We open the Office Olympics ceremony with a professional dance performance by a trained artist. This helps us pump up the teams and get in the spirit of the Olympics. The... read more

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Activity type Time

The Office Olympics Opening Ceremony

- It's a grand celebration for the Office Olympics
- We open the event with a couple of performances from your colleagues / a professional dance expert
10 minutes

Virtual Team Creation

- Live Team Toss, - Huddle up, and get ready to give your team funky names and sassy slogans
5 minutes

Wear your Bandana

- This virtual icebreaker will get your team in the spirit of Olympics, and also a chance to win early points
5 minutes

Game 1: The Champions Trophy Cricket

- Yes, this time around Cricket is a part of the Olympics
- Gear up for the most exciting Cricket Challenge as it comes your way. Use your wit and make your team win
10 minutes

Game 2: The Imitation Game

- The anchor gives your team an exciting acting challenge that they have to complete to win the points
- Make sure your team has an SRK and a Kajol in it. - This is our personal favorite
10 minutes

Team Tally and Scorecard Announcement

3 minutes

Breakout Room: Strategy and Planning Break for the teams

5 minutes

Game 3: Mad About Dance

- A random song in a Korean/Japanese language plays for each team, and each team member has to show a couple of moves to it
- Our dance expert judges which team will be the winner of this round
15 minutes

Game 4: Create a Jingle - Breakout Room Special

- If your team has got some music lovers in it, you got to be winning this one
- Each team is given a situation/theme and they have to create their own jingle on that situation
- This activity happens in the breakout rooms
15 minutes

Declaring the Winner of Olympics

5 minsutes

Olympics closing ceremony

- The winning team gets a special professional dance salute from our dance expert
5 minutes


10 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Virtual Olympics Host
    Virtual Olympics Host
    A professionally trained online anchor to host the Olympics and team activities, by kindling a healthy competitive streak among your remote emplpyees
  • Virtual Dance Performer
    Virtual Dance Performer
    Bring excitement to the opening and closing ceremony of the Office Olympics with our virtual dance performing artist - to pump up the players and the team morale.

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