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Brain Games: Battle of the nerds! Virtual Team Building activity

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Team Building
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Looking for fresh new virtual activities and games for mental exercise to bring your remote employees together? This new team building brain teasers theme will solve your challenge.

Experience the all-new Brain Games for employees by SOS Party - where your employees compete with each other in the battle of the nerds.

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Activity details

Activity type Time

Welcome to the virtual event

- A colorful and warm welcome by the emcee/gamemaster to all the attendees
- Fun energetic icebreaker activities to make the participants feel comfortable and charged up for the session
- Keynote by the management (optional)
10 Minutes

Virtual Team Formation: Creating bonds

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact with their team members, come up with a team captain, team name, and team slogan
- Let the competition being
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

Mindstretchers - The Image Code

- The Brain games present one of its toughest challenges for the maximum number of points
- Does your team have what it takes to crack the image code?
- A series of images are shared with the participants in this activity, and they have to use their best mental skills to guess the answer from the set of shared options.
- Each of the participating teams gets to have 1 - 2 rounds of this activity and earn maximum points for themselves.
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

The Word Hunter Challenge

- One of the toughest challenges of the analytical and vocabulary skills of your team members, the Word Hunter is as competitive as it gets
- Hidden in each sentence is a word belonging to one of the categories listed in the challenge
- The participants have to identify the hidden word and then match it to the category in which it belongs
- Each team gets 2 rounds of this exciting challenge
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

The Typemaster Gogo

- Each of the participating teams nominates 3 people for this challenge
- The gamemaster shares the screen to display a long paragraph.
- Participating players must type using pens/pencils instead of fingers.
- At the end of sixty seconds, participants submit the copied paragraphs in the chat.
- The typist with the most words and fewest errors wins the round.
10 Minutes

The Alphabet Attack Challenge

- All the participants from each team participate in this activity
- Together as a team they have to bring different objects to the screen - such that the complete alphabets from A-Z are represented on the screen
- In all 26 objects are required from each team, and the starting alphabet of each object is a representation of A-Z
- The team that brings the maximum number of objects in a sequence wins.
- Each team gets 3 minutes to bring the objects
10 Minutes

Points tally and Leaderboard announcement

- Let's have a look at the final leaderboard and where do all the participating teams stand
- The winning team gets the special recognition for their achievement
5 Minutes

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  • Live Anchor / Team Building Expert
    Live Anchor / Team Building Expert

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