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Team Building
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Work-life Balance
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Holistic Development

About this activity

Having a creative hobby is associated with positive work-related traits. With the office photography club, it's time to recognize, cherish and celebrate the art of Photography. Bring out the photo bug in your WFH employees and let them have fun with our super exciting virtual event.

Sprinkled with fun team-building activities via photography, chal... read more

Activity details

Activity type Time

A Photogenic Welcome

- Kicking off the event on a high and peppy note
- The emcee will make all employees feel comfortable, introduce the event on the behalf of the organization, and rev up the endorphin levels
5 minutes

The Photographer's Muse

- A fun icebreaker activity on the theme of scavengers hunt
- The emcee will ask the audience to click 5 - 10 different objects in their house within a duration of 2 mins
- Each photograph to be clicked will have something special in it
- The participant who completes the tasks first - wins
10 minutes

Closeup, please!

- Gearing up for the main photography session, this fun energizer gets people to dawn their thinking hats and examine the screen closely
- A set of super closeups of some regular day objects will be shown on the screen, and people will have to guess what the object is
5 minutes

Session on Mobile Photography with a photographer

- The secret art of taking instagrammable pics from the phone
- Mobile camera basics
- Understanding exposure & lenses
- Shutter speed
- Creative compositions
- Ideas and Inspiration
30 minutes


10 minutes

Showcase the best photo you clicked

- Ending with employees' best photo showcase
5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Anchor / Emcee
    Live Anchor / Emcee
    A live host cum anchor to create a super fun World Photography Day event for your employees
  • Photgrapher
    A renowned photographer with expertise in mobile photography to lead you through the interactive learning session on the World Photography day

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