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Beach Olympics: Corporate Offsite Team Building Activities

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If you are planning offsite retreats in the coastal regions of India like Goa, Rishikesh, Gokarna, Pondicherry, Alleppey, or any other beach city, the Beach team building activities and Games is the best option for you. Beach Olympics is the ultimate set of corporate offsite team building activities for employees.

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The Identity Crisis: Get to know your team

- Hilarious get-to-know-you-more game for large groups (new and familiar faces)
- Each participant writes their first name on a paper and thinks about their responses to three questions eg favorite movie, ideal holiday location, and what they would do if they won the lottery
- Over the course of the next few minutes, everyone has a short conversation with a partner introducing themselves, especially sharing these three bits of information
- After this mutual exchange, participants swap their name cards and identities, ie each person assumes the identity of their partner, including the three bits of information they just learned about their partner.
- Each person then seeks a new partner, and introduces themselves using their new identity
20 Minutes

Glass Walk Activity: Developing Mind Body Coordination (with props)

- Get ready to overcome your deep-rooted and sub-conscious fears and develop better coordination between mind and body
- The participants walk on nine-foot of smashed sterile wine bottle glass pieces
- It can prove to be a rewarding and unforgettable experience for all the employees
- Walking on glass is a great way to learn about 'instant feedback' - being mindful of signals in your environment that you need to listen to
- The Glass becomes the teacher and heightens your state of mental awareness
- Walk barefoot across 9 feet of broken glass without any pain or injury - guaranteed.
25 Minutes

That's my song: Team Division Activity

- A fun twist to team division/pairing up of the participants
- Each of the participants gets a chit with a song written on it
- They have to identify their team members by humming the song
- Everyone gets 5 minutes to figure out their teams
10 Minutes

Beach Flipper Relay Race (with props)

- A hilariously fun, unique, and engaging team relay race - designed especially for the beach games
- In this relay, the participants have the wear the Beach Flippers and run with them, holding a glass of water in their hands
- They have to reach the finishing line, drop the water from their glass into the bucket, and then run back to the starting line to tag their teammate
- This is a timed event
- The team having maximum water in their buckets win
25 Minutes

The Runaway Tic Tac Toe Competition

- Purpose: Thinking ahead, Brain bending challenge, Speed
- We set up hoops in a 3 by 3 square.
- Two teams compete with each other at one point in time
- The aim of this activity is to get three in a row, but to also stop your competing team from getting three in a row too!
- On the whistle, teams will race one at a time and place an item in a hoop trying to get 3 in a row
- If Tic Tac Toe is unsuccessful within those 4 turns, the next players running will remove one of their items to an empty hoop until Tic Tac Toe is successful
20 Minutes

The Human Ladder: Trust Building Challenge (with props)

- Purpose: To solve challenges involving a high degree of trust, coordination, and team cooperation.
- This adventurous and exciting activity requires participants to pair up and hold a wooden dowel that serves as the "ladder" for another teammate to walk on. The formation will appear as a ladder with participants being the rails, and the dowel rods being the rungs.
- This activity can be facilitated under different variations e.g. Racing, Relay, and Sequential for team challenges
- If you are up for an adventurous team session, nothing beats the Human Ladder
25 Minutes

Towel Relay Race: Beach Special

- Purpose: Time management, Team belongingness, Problem Solving, and Communication skills
- Each team dips a towel in seawater or bucket filled with water.
- The wet towel is then passed from person to person and the last person in line that receives the wet towel must wring it out into a bucket.
- Then that person runs to the front of the line, dips the towel into the bucket of water, and passes it on to the team.
- It continues until the first person in line is in the front again. The team that has the most water in their bucket is the winner.
20 Minutes

Beach Darts

- We switch the dartboard for hand-drawn rings in the sand, the darts for pebbles or pretty shells.
- Participants will have to get into the hot competition by throwing the pebbles in the sand dart
- This game makes it one of the best beach games to participants play without them ruining their own enjoyment of the game.
15 Minutes

The Blind Snake: Non Verbal Communication Challenge

- A trust team building activity that focuses on non-verbal communication
- The whole team stands in one straight line or behind one another
- Only the last person can watch the object placed randomly on the ground.
- The same message has to be passed through all the teammates without talking or opening their eyes.
- Work as a team by preparing a proper plan wherein the entire team works together and co-ordinates properly so as to ensure that the objects are retrieved at the earliest and set a time limit for the other team
Activity reference video
25 Minutes

Water Transporter Challenge

- Purpose: Goal Setting, Leadership, Problem Solving, and Communication skills
- Teams need to transfer water from one side to the other using a combination of different equipment including canvas sheets and pipes with holes in them.
- Prepare to get very wet
- Teamwork is required when all the participants need to stop water from escaping the holes, and also transfer the water from one spot to the next
- In 10 minutes the team that has transported the maximum amount of water wins
20 Minutes

Cardboard Boat Race (with props)

- Purpose: This is a fantastic activity for getting everyone working together and competing to build and race a boat made from the most unlikely materials
- The teams will be given the instructions needed to build a cardboard boat that will float safely with 1 person inside.
- The boat must be capable of racing out about 50 meters and back to the beach.
- The teams are given about 70 minutes to complete the building of the boats
- Points are awarded for the quality of build, creativity, efficient use of resources, teambuilding skills, and, of course, for completing the boat in time.
- On the start signal the cardboard boat crews start to paddle furiously and the fun begins; soon everyone will be laughing.
- Safety of the team is always taken into context
90 Minutes

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