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Chinese Lunar New Year: Virtual Celebration

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Cultural Exploration
Cultural Exploration

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The lunar new year festival, also known as the Chinese new year is one of the biggest and most important annual celebrations across China. In 2022, the 1st of February marks the beginning of the 15 days of Chinese New Year Celebrations - also known as the Lunar Festival.

The festival is being virtually celebrated by the Chinese diaspora across t... read more

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Grand Opening to the Lunar New Year

- A bright and beautiful red carpet welcome to your colleagues
- A brief cultural exploration of the festival of the Lunar New Year
- Fun icebreaker activity to make all the employees comfortable
- Keynote & greetings from the management
10 minutes

Guilty or Not Guilty: Chinese New Year version

- Explore the Chinese traditions and culture with this fun energizer activity
- All the attendees participate in this and have a lot of fun together
- We share a few funny and silly situations and the participants have to share if they are guilty or not
- e.g. Are you guilty of re-gifting a gift?
5 - 10 minutes

Live Chinese Fan Dance Performance

- Experience the 2000 years old traditional Chinese Fan dance performance led by a professional dancer
- Sit back and enjoy the rich heritage and culture of China
- At the end of the performance, the expert will teach the attendees a simple dance step
- As a souvenir, we'll click the picture of all the employees in the pose
5 - 10 minutes

Wheel of Fortune: New Year Special

- Get ready for a set of fun team games and a chance to win prizes
- The Live wheel of fortune will come onto your screens and spin. Wherever it stops, that task will have to be done by all the participants
- The one who finishes the tasks first wins the prizes
- The tasks are simple and related to the Chinese new year traditions
20 minutes

The Ninjas: Live Kung Fu Show

- Experience the traditional martial art of China: Kung Fu performed by a live master on your screens
- Get ready to be left awestruck
- At the end of the performance, learn a basic Kung Fu move for yourself
5 - 10 minutes

Chinese Zodiac Photobooth

- As we come towards the end of the experience, we play some peppy Chinese New Year Music and bring each of the participants into the spotlight, one by one
- We click pictures of the participants as they pose like one of the Chinese New Year Zodiac Signs - Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Monkey, Snake, etc
5 minutes

Exchanging the Red Envelop: gratitude activity

- The red envelopes hold a lot of significance in the Lunar New Year celebrations in China
- As a part of this activity, we get the participants to exchange virtual red envelopes in the form of best wishes and gratitude with their colleagues
5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live Show Host / Emcee
  • Chinese Fan Dance Expert
    Chinese Fan Dance Expert
  • Kung Fu Master
    Kung Fu Master

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