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Pahad Bulae Himachali Virtual Travel Party

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About this activity

Been long that you didn't update your social media status to Mountains Calling? Don't worry! To settle your wanderlust dues, SOS offers you this virtual travel party where you will get to unwind and relax in the most authentic Pahaadi atmosphere.

Traditional folk dancers' performances and Himachali musicians as your DJ- now that sounds like a plan!

Also, you get to interact with a culture expert which we're sure will be a new addition to your

Mountain travel experience.

Remember bonding with your mates over bonfire? Vibe check for that is positive, you'll do that, only over the internet!

P.S. get some maggi and coffee/tea to make the experience all the more magical.

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun Introductions and Ice Breakers

10 minutes

Know the unknowns about himachal

10 minutes

Experience the himachali Nati

20 minutes

Pahadi khel

- games and activities
15 minutes

Dwell into the Live Himachali musical concert

15 minutes


5 minutes


10 minutes


85 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    An Emcee to take you through a one-of-a-kind virtual travel experience designed to boost team-bonding and workplace happiness.
  • Nati Dancer
    Traditional folk dancer from Himachal to let your live the breezy Pahadi days through the event.
  • Culture Expert
    Himachal and the culture it offers served to you via our Expert on Himachali lifestyle, culture and history.
  • Himachali Musicians
    Native Himachali folk musician to add to the quintessential Pahadi vibe.

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