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Himachal Pradesh - Virtual Travel Party for Corporates

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Workplace Happiness
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About this activity

Been long that you didn't update your social media status to Mountains Calling? Don't worry! To settle your wanderlust dues, SOS offers you this virtual travel party where you will get to unwind and relax in the most authentic Pahaadi atmosphere.

Traditional folk dancers' performances and Himachali musicians as your DJ- now that sounds like a plan... read more

Activity details

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Postcard from Lahul

- Cultural Fun Icebreakers that help your team bond with each other and explore the hidden and unknown side of Himachal Pradesh
- If you think you have been to Himachal, think again!
10 minutes

Traditional Nati Dance

- Experience a mesmerizing Nati Dance Performance from the locals of Himachal Pradesh. This dance form dates back to the early civilizations of Himachal
- What's more exciting? You also get to learn a few Nati dance steps! How exciting?!
10 minutes

Virtual Exhibition with the local artisan of Himachal Pradesh

- Get dazzled, intrigued, and filled with curiosity as we make you witness the traditional art forms of Himachal Pradesh
- This session will be led by a local artisan from Himachal Pradesh
15 minutes

Himachali Folk Concert

- Experience the folk tunes of Himachal Pradesh with a folk musician
- Opt-in for an instrumental concert of a vocal concert depending upon the liking of your colleagues
15 minutes

A souvenir from Himachal

- A surprize element to end the party
5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    An online Emcee to take you through a one-of-a-kind virtual travel experience designed to boost team-bonding and workplace happiness.
  • Folk Dance - Nati Performer
    Folk Dance - Nati Performer
    Traditional folk dancer from Himachal to let you live the breezy Pahadi days through the virtual travel party. Learn some cool folk steps too!
  • Live Folk Artisans
    Live Folk Artisans
    Himachal and the culture it offers served to you via our live folk art Expert on Himachali culture and art history.

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