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Yes, You Can! Virtual Team Building Activity

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About this activity

There is no denying the importance of a mini motivational speech and a pat on the back for the work well done. A few words of encouragement can bring about more productivity and efficiency in employees.

We find ourselves grappling with issues like lack of motivation and the unbreakable monotony during the current times and thus the importance of motivation has increased by a manifold.

So we bring you this theme that meets your requirements of motivation and recreation perfectly.

We bring to you an expert Motivation coach whose work is inspired and whose words inspire. The Art Expert takes care of the recreation domain of this theme as you receive tips and hacks on arts of doodling, origami, painting, mandala etc.

The activities are highly engaging, interactive in nature and aim to strengthen the bond between team members and enhance the employee retention rate.

We bring you the country's finest to lead the activities and deliver desired results.

Pick this theme and experience yourself.

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun introductions and icebreakers

10 minutes

Pursuit of Happiness: Motivation

-Laying down the foundation
10 minutes

Fun Motivational games

-Understand the importance of motivation through activities
-Ways to stay motivated
20 minutes

Fun team building games

5 minutes

Doodle Woodle

- knowing ourselves better through art
15 minutes


-awarding booster of the week
- dance party
5 minutes


10 minutes


75 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Motivational Coach
    A highly experienced professional to provide you with techniques to stay fired up with respect to your personal and professional goals.
  • Art Expert
    An art expert of (mandala / doodling / painting / sketching) to boost the motivation level among employees through creative art based effective, relaxing and fun activities
  • Anchor
    A super host for the event to lead interaction based games and fun activities to promote employee retention and team building.

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Percentage of attendees who felt happier than before after this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt more connected with their collegaues after the activity

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