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Team Building
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A super fresh virtual team-building theme with exciting activities that help your employees form more human bonds and connect at a level beyond work.

Hosted by a professional emcee, this virtual team building games and exercises-based theme offer a break from your regular zoom meetings and town halls. The virtual team building activities ideas a... read more

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Alien, Tiger, Cow: Team Warmup Activity

- Purpose: A fun way to get the team comfortable around each other and outside their shell
- On the count of 3, the play read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Virtual Team Formation: Creating bonds

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact w read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

The Tangram Challenge

- Purpose: Strategy, Critical thinking, Decision making and teamwork under time pressure
- If you think your team is goo read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Challenge 2: The Imitation Game

- Purpose: Teamwork, creativity, and communication
- Each team selects a volunteer for this activity
- A set of words/ph read more+ read less-
10 Minutes

Points tally and Leaderboard announcement

- Let's have a look at the final leaderboard and where do all the participating teams stand
- The winning team gets the read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

The Hook Step Challenge

- Each team will be given a chance to perform the hook step of some famous bollywood songs
- The teams will have to use read more+ read less-
10 Minutes

Headlines from Future: Gratitude activity

- Purpose: to build employee loyalty and help them feel valued at work
- Everyone closes their eyes and imagines it's te read more+ read less-
10 Minutes

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