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A super fresh virtual team-building theme with exciting activities that help your employees form more human bonds and connect at a level beyond work.

Hosted by a professional emcee, this theme offers a break from your regular zoom meetings and town halls. The online activities are highly engaging, interactive in nature and aim to enhance the emplo... read more

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Alien, Tiger, Cow!: Team Warm-Up

- Purpose: A fun way to get the team comfortable around each other and outside their shell
- On the count of 3, the players have the choice of being one of three things: Alien, Tiger, Cow
- Whichever one of these things are in the minority, those players get eliminated i.e. there are 4 aliens, 7 tigers, and 3 cows: the cows are in the minority and get eliminated
10 minutes

The Human Bonds: Team formation

- Laying down the foundation of team building by diving the participants in different groups using breakout rooms
- They get to decide their team names
- Come up with team slogans
- And select a team captain
5 minutes

Challenge 1: The Tangrams

- Purpose: Team communication, trust-building, spatial reasoning, time-management
- Breakout room special
- Your employees are in for a real challenge where they have to come together as a team and solve challenging spatial puzzles
- They are competing against time
- This master game round challenges your team at the intellectual and problem-solving level.
10 minutes

Challenge 2: The Imitation Game

- Purpose: Teamwork, creativity, and communication
- Each team selects a volunteer for this activity
- A set of words/phrases are given to the volunteer, and he/she has to enact them
- The respective teams have to guess as many phrases as possible within 90 seconds
- Other teams will create a healthy distraction
- The more the phrases guessed, the more the points
10 minutes

Scorecard tally

2 minutes

The Hook Step Challenge

- Purpose: Team spirit
- Each team member has to perform the hook step of a song played specially for their team
- Add on points for using props like sunglasses and towels
- Points depend upon number of team members performing the hook step
10 minutes

Headlines from Future: Gratitude activity

- Purpose: to build employee loyalty and help them feel valued at work
- Everyone closes their eyes and imagines it's ten years in the future. Your organization has been a resounding success. After some initial challenge, your organization is having a huge impact on the world in ways you'd never even imagined!
- Guess what the newspaper headlines will be, and share them on a piece of paper
10 minutes


10 minutes

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  • Virtual Team Building Anchor
    Virtual Team Building Anchor
    A super professional online activity host to lead team-building activities and fun games. Get ready to have your employees entertained as well as engaged with our super expert.

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