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Corporate Cricket League: Virtual Team Building Activity

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About this activity

It's the season of cricket. Get together all the cricket buffs in your team for a virtual cricket game. SOSParty brings you the unique theme of the IPL Fantasy Virtual Cricket League.

Filled with novel activities, tasks, and challenges that are going to be loved by your colleagues, this virtual cricket team building activities-based theme will e... read more

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Activity details

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Fantasy Cricket Event opening

- A bright and beautiful welcome to your colleagues to the virtual Fantasy Cricket Leagues
- A couple of super fun ice-breakers to kick off the activities make the employees feel comfortable
- Keynote from the management
10 Minutes

Virtual Cricket team formation

- We lay down the foundation of team building fantasy cricket league by diving the participants into different teams using breakout rooms
- They get to decide their team names
- Come up with team slogans
- And select a team captain
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

Spot the Ball Challenge

- We kick off the cricket fantasy leave with our favorite game of spot the ball
- In this activity, each of the teams is shown a picture having multiple cricket balls
- The participating team has to spot the original ball while the other teams distract them
- Each of the participating teams gets 2 rounds of this activity
- Do you think your team will open the scoreboard? Let's watch!
15 Minutes

The Player Mix n Match

- To test your team's cricketing knowledge we bring you the mix and match challenge
- We show the teams a picture that is a camouflage of 2 different cricketers
- The participating team has to guess which exact cricketers are these - both of them
- If the team gets 1 right and 1 wrong, no points are awarded
15 Minutes

Howzat?! Out or not out

- What do you think? Was it out or not out?
- This thrilling challenge makes you the umpire of the cricket match and your team has to make the call of out or not out
- We show you real-life footage from cricket matches
- The correct decision takes you up on the scoreboard
15 Minutes

The Audio Challenge: Identify the cricketer

- Identify the cricketer from the audio
- We play audio from post-match ceremonies or press interviews of cricketers, and the participants have to guess the name of the cricketer
- The current answer wins you multiple points whereas the wrong answer doesn't kick your scoreboard
15 Minutes

Alternative: The Cricket Commentary Challenge

- Each of the team nominates one person to give live commentary
- We play the actual video footage of a match on mute, and the participant gives the commentary.
- The commentary should be corporate-friendly, and yet funny.
- Basis on the challenge, the show host will award points to the performing teams.
15 Minutes

Leaderboard and Winners announcement

5 Minutes

Cricketer Interaction (add on)

- Interact with a celebrity cricketer
- Get to learn about IPL and the dressing room stories
- IPL Cricketers are available in two ranges: Celebrity and No Celebrity
- QnA with the cricketer
20 Minutes

Closing Ceremony - Live Concert (add on)

- Experience the grandeur closing ceremony of the virtual Fantasy cricket league with a breathtaking live musical concert with a live band / solo musician
- Request your favorite numbers and jam along
- Dance to your favourite tunes and sip your favourite drink as we celebrate together as a team
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Virtual Show Host and Emcee
    Virtual Show Host and Emcee
    Live Show host for the Virtual Fantasy Cricket League
  • Live Musician / Band
    Live Musician / Band
    The most amazing solo musican / band for the IPL closing ceremony to entertain your employees virtually
  • IPL Cricketer
    IPL Cricketer
    A celebrity / non-celebrity IPL cricketer of your choice

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