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Handshakes and Happy Hour: Virtual Team Engagement Activity

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Team Building
Team Building
Know Your Colleagues
Know Your Colleagues

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Have you been struggling to engage your employees virtually? Or wondering how to make your new remote hires feel a part of your team? Well, the struggle for HRs is real.

With our virtual Handshakes and Happy Hour theme, SOSParty is here to make your life easier and happier. Filled with unique online games that help employees connect with each othe... read more

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Happy Handshakes

- How well do you know your colleagues?
- Let's start by discovering the similarities, the likings and the dislikings that we have in common with our team members
- A super fun online team building game that creates deeper bonds within team members
5 minutes

My Company and I

- A fun way to make your employees connect with the company and value it even more
- There are a series of questions on your organization and we test how well do your employees know it
- e.g. Who's the newest person to join our team/company?
10 minutes

The Team Story

- Everyone present in the virtual meeting gets to pick anyone and draw a caricature of theirs without naming who it is.
- To spice it up, there's a thought bubble that you have to add
- After 2 min everyone shows what they have drawn and the rest of the people guess the name of the colleague
10 minutes

Musical Jamboree

- Let's take the new bonds of friendship to another level with our virtual musical concert
- Live musical concert with Bollywood Medleys
- Vibe up the evening with melodies that you can't miss
- A popular live musician will perform the concert for all your employees
- Request your favorite numbers and jam along
- The best way to end a party on a high note
15 minutes

Creating a jingle together

- Everyone gets to add a word/sentence, and with the help of our musician we create a team jingle, together
- One of the most loved team activities in our zoom shows
5 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Emcee / Anchor
    Live Emcee / Anchor
    A professional online employee engagement host for your team-building activities and fun zoom games.
  • Live Musician
    Live Musician
    A live musician (vocalist + guitarist) to enhance the team bonding spirit with a flavor of foot-tapping music. Request your favorite songs, sing, and dance together with your colleagues.

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