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Superhero Academy: The War of Wizards

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About this activity

The Superhero Academy is a super fun and fresh theme for virtual entertainment and team building for corporates. The activity brings out the elements of recognizing great powers in each individual and building a sense of bonhomie among the employees.

The activity is done via breakout rooms. The participants compete in various challenges that tes... read more

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Become a Superhero: Icebreaker

- To start the exciting superhero academy, all the participants are given the task of becoming a superhero
- In this fun icebreaker round, a series of home-made superhero props appear on the screen and the participants have to use anyone to become a superhero
- e.g. A towel cape, a wrist band, a face mask, etc
10 Minutes

Hawkeye: The Extraordinary Vision

- Use your superhero powers to solve this mystery
- The participants are required to use a pen and paper in this activity
- A simple task is presented to all the superheroes. The challenge is who comes the closest to completing the task.
10 Minutes

Team divisions

- Using the breakout rooms, we'll be diving the participants into different Funtashari teams
- The teams have to select captains, decide team names and come up with sassy team slogans
- The teams will compete against each other in different rounds of Funtakshari
Activity reference video
5 Minutes

Flippity Snowman: The Word Challenge

- One of the most popular word guessing games in the world now in an online avatar with SOSParty
- The challenging teams/participants have to guess the missing words one alphabet at a time
- The participants only get a certain number of guesses, and if unsuccessful - they lose
- Customized according to multiple themes, this virtual game is a sure shot way to engage the audience
15 Minutes

Superhero Mystery Challenge

- Each of the teams is given a series of mystery challenges to solve
- This activity happens in the breakout room
- All the team members work together using their superhero powers to solve the challenge
- By the end of 10 mins, we see how many mystery challenges was each team able to solve
- Basis the same, the points are allocated and different teams win
- Is your team ready to solve the mystery? Let's find out!
15 Minutes

My Superhero in the company

- A gratitude-building activity in which all the participants appreciate different qualities in their colleagues and call them out for being a superhero
- This activity helps in bringing out peer-to-peer recognition and helps in building trust and loyalty toward the organization
5 Minutes

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    Live Game Show Host / Emcee

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