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Tug of War - Virtual Team Building Activity

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If you have been struggling to find innovative virtual team-building activities for your remote team, this is where your search ends. Curated with fun, challenging, and thrilling activities, the virtual Tug of War game is surely going to make your team slug it all out.

This online tug of war team building activity helps your team members bond wi... read more

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The Social Mixer Challenge: Icebreaker Activity

- A brilliant virtual icebreaker game to get the session started
- This activity is aimed at helping your team members get to know each other, interact, and communicate
- The complete group has to collectively come up with a set of 10 common things in them within a specified time
- To win the challenge everyone has to participate
- As we move on there's a twist too - watch out!
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10 Minutes

Virtual Team Formation: Creating bonds

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact with their team members, come up with a team captain, team name, and team slogan
- Let the competition being
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

Wear your Bandana

- As all the teams gather back in the main games arena, we get them in the competitive spirit by announcing their team slogans / war crys and captains
- How's the josh in your team?
5 Minutes

The Tug of War Begins: Scorecard and rules

- We share the set of game rules and how the teams will get the points awarded
- The teams shout their war cry to motivate their team members and get the competition started
5 Minutes

Game 1: Minute to Win it Challenges

- Does your team has what it take to be the best?
- We get the participating teams to slug it out it the minute to win it challenges
- This game will have 3 rounds to it and all the team members will get to participate in it
- Round 1: Face the Cookie Challenge
- Round 2: Flip the bottle Challenge
- Round 3: The Green Chilli Challenge / The Shirt Button up Challenge
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

The Game of Boggle

- Purpose: This activity is all about team coordination, speed, creativity, and decision making
- An exciting team word challenge game
- 6 participants from the first team write single alphabets on a piece of paper
- The opposition team has to create as many words as possible using at least 4 alphabets given by the team 1
- For this, they get 90 seconds
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Game 3: The Phrase Craze Challenge

- The mindbending phrases are here!
- Can your team guess which common phrase each illustration is trying to get you to say?
- Your team will have 30 seconds to decode each illustration
- This activity will have 3 rounds for each team
- And while the other team thinks for their correct answer, guess what, you can distract them. Healthy distraction always works
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Points tally and Leaderboard announcement

- Let's have a look at the final leaderboard and where do all the participating teams stand
- The winning team gets the special recognition for their achievement
5 Minutes

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