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Bond with the Best - Online Team Building Activity

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Team Building
Know Your Colleagues
New Joinee Induction

About this activity

True to its name, this theme helps you build a positive work culture by bringing you closer to your team members and aiding in team building.

This theme is based on the premise that team building is directly related to increased employee effieciency and productivity. That is what the activities of this theme aim to achieve. An anchor leads the segment where you come together as a team and participate in games like scavenger hunt from the comfort of your home.

Our amazing art expert engages you in group activities where you recognise new areas of your strength as a professional. Also included in this theme are icebreaker activities for new team members.

This theme is one-of-a-kind if you want to boost your organisation's team bonding, your employees bond with the best, after all!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun introductions and icebreakers

- games designed to know each other better
15 minutes

Camfire stories

5 minsutes

Team building and togetherness

- team formations
- breakout room activities
15 minutes

Let's Cocreate

- art activities to know each other better
15 minutes

Instrumental concert

- live instrumental performance
5 minutes


- awarding team booster of the week
- dance party
5 minutes


10 minutes


70 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    A trained host to engage your team with fun, and interactive activites and games that'll reinforce the sense of camaraderie virtually in existing and new employees.
  • Art Expert
    A well known expert of art forms such as painting, mandala, sketching, and doodling to lead activities that'll help you know your co-workers better.
  • Instrumentalist
    Power packed performance by an instrumentalist (Violin / Handpan / Flute / Sitar / Dhol / Saxophone) to make the this experience a really memorable one.

Activity impact

Average rating by all the attendees for this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt happier than before after this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt more connected with their collegaues after the activity

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