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Bond with the Best - Online Team Building Activity

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Team Building
Team Building
Know Your Colleagues
Know Your Colleagues

About this activity

True to its name, this theme helps you build a positive work-from-home culture by bringing you closer to your remote team members and aiding in online team building.

Team building is directly related to increased employee efficiency and productivity. The activities of this theme aim to help HRs and team leaders achieve exactly that. A professional... read more

Activity details

Activity type Time

Who, like me?

- A super fun set of ice breaker games that help your team members identify the similarities between themselves and their colleagues
- This activity is aimed at helping you know your colleagues better - outside of their workplace
10 minutes

Creating bonds: Virtual Team Formation

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact with their team members, come up with a team captain, team name, and team slogan
- Let the competition being
5 minutes

Catch me if you can: Communication Activity

- This fun activity is designed to deliver better communication skills in your team
Each team leader is shown a picture over the Zoom private message
- Without telling what the picture is, the leader has to dictate their team members to draw the same picture
15 minutes

Lost at Sea: Breakout Room Strategy Activity

- The teams a given a hypothetical scenario to test their reasoning, logic, and strategy making skills
- The teams are lost at sea and they are given a list of 15 items that they need for survival
- Try this fun yet super challenging activity in our bond with the best theme
- Breakout Room special
15 minutes

Optional: Live Instrumental Concert

- It's been a fun night of team building. Give your teams grey cells a break with a live soothing instrumental concert
- Music helps take bonds of friendship to another level
15 minutes

Borrow positivity

- A gratitude building activity for team members to recognize positive attributes in their colleagues
5 minutes


10 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Team Building Host / Show Anchor
    Team Building Host / Show Anchor
    A trained virtual host to engage your team with fun, and interactive online activities and games that'll reinforce the sense of camaraderie virtually in existing and new employees.
  • Optional Instrumentalist
    Optional Instrumentalist
    Power packed performance by an instrumentalist (Violin / Handpan / Flute / Sitar / Dhol / Saxophone) to make the this experience a really memorable one.

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