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Virtual Laughter Yoga Therapy to Reduce Anxiety & Stress at Work

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Stress Buster
Stress Buster

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When you laugh (fake or real), your mind releases endorphins and inhibits your stress and anxiety - thinking you are happy. Making use of this phenomenon, Laughter Therapy exercises are designed to free you from stress and promote your well-being.

The Virtual Laughter Therapy session is the best if your team members and work-from-home employees ... read more

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The Social Mixer Challenge: Icebreaker Activity

- A brilliant virtual icebreaker game to get the session started
- This activity is aimed at helping your team members g read more+ read less-
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Bringing Emojis to real life

- Kicking off the virtual laughter therapy session with a super fun ice-breaker activity
- In this game, you have to ena read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

Laughter Yoga and How it Works

- It's time to fake it, for real!
- A certified professional Laughter Yoga Expert helps you understand what is laughter read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

Phase 1: Activating People: Clapping and Warming up Exercise

- The session starts with Clapping of hands in a rhythm to activate acupuncture points and activate people
- We clap wi read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

Phase 2: Deep Breathing

- Lightening the mood and relaxing the lungs
- Help increase focus in our day-to-day activities
- This also brings a lot read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

Phase 3: Childlike Playfulness

- An objective of Laughter Yoga is to cultivate the childlike playfulness that helps you to laugh without reason
- We so read more+ read less-
5 Minutes

Phase 4: Laughter Exercises

- Method 1: Hearty Laughter
- Method 2: Imitation Laughter
- Method 3: Embarrassing Scenario
- Method 4: No Sound Laughi read more+ read less-
15 Minutes


5 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Emcee
    A super fun live host for your virtual event to keep your team engaged, entertained, and excited throughout the show. SOS Anchors are one of the best in class, and super professional.
  • Live Laughter Therapist
    A certified live laughter therapist to help your remote team destress and feel relaxed. Laughter riot is guaranteed.

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