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Virtual Health Day Celebration at Office - Mind and Body Wellness

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Mental Wellness
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Physical Wellness

About this activity

With the majority of the global workforce working virtually from their homes, creating awareness around a healthy and balanced lifestyle is of utmost importance.

This World Health Day, help your team members and colleagues learn how to take care of their physical and mental health. To make this an enriching online experience, we invite a COVID-19 ... read more

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Activity type Time

Laughter Yoga

- We open the wellness session on a positive note by inhaling tons of fresh air and bursting our lungs out - laughing
5 minutes

5 Second Rule

- A super fun team icebreaker that helps your colleagues connect with each other and laugh at the same time
5 minutes

Exclusive Live Session with COVID-19 Doctor

- Uncover ICU stories of a COVID-19 doctor/frontline worker
- Get practical tips to save yourself and your family from COVID-19
- QnA
20 minutes

Excuse Me!

- A fun virtual icebreaker where everyone shares the weirdest excuses they have given to themselves to not workout!
5 minutes

Work From Home Desk Workout

- Learn how to stay physically healthy while working from home
- Learn the right posture to work
- Learn simple fitness exercises that prevent migraine, backache, and obesity
15 minutes

Live Ghatam Folk Instrumental

- Experience this traditional folk instrument of Punjab with a renowned musician
5 minutes

Award Health Ambassador of the Day

3 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    A star anchor to take you through the World Health Day celebrations and some super healthy virtual wellness activities for your team members.
  • COVID-19 Frontline Doctor
    COVID-19 Frontline Doctor
    We are all going through a pandemic. So bring to you and your team a COVID-19 special doctor who has worked on the frontline and saved many lives in the ICU. A salute to the warriors.
  • Work-from-home Workout Expert
    Work-from-home Workout Expert
    If you are your remote team are sitting at home all day long, then this is the activity expert that you need the most. Learn quick WFH desk exercises that you can do during your breaks.

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