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Virtual Health Day Celebration at Office - Mind and Body Wellness

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Mental Wellness
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About this activity

With the majority of the global workforce working virtually from their homes, creating awareness around a healthy and balanced lifestyle is of utmost importance.

This World Health Day, help your team members and colleagues learn how to take care of their physical and mental health.

Your team also gets to spend time with a professional WFH wor... read more

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Jazz Hands: The Health Challenge

- How healthy is your lifestyle?
- We share 5 fun situations with your team members related to a healthy lifestyle and see who all are health-conscious
- Brownie points for sharing quirky stories and instances
5 Minutes

Happy Neurons: Flex your brain muscles

- Charging up the audience on the occasion, we bring together an easy yet super fun energizer activity that gets everyone to flex their brain muscles
- Also known as the Sort me online edition, this fun activity gets the audience energized and excited
- The icebreaker is played in 3 rounds with the rounds
10 Minutes

The Minute to Win it Challenges

- Purpose: Physical fitness challenges in under 1 minute
- Does your team has what it take to be the best?
- We get the participating teams to slug it out it the minute to win it challenges
- This game will have 3 rounds to it and all the team members will get to participate in it
- Round 1: Face the Cookie Challenge
- Round 2: Flip the bottle Challenge
- Round 3: The Green Chilli Challenge
- Alternative: The Shirt Button up Challenge
- Alternative: Flip the pencil Challenge
- Alternative: Plank Challenge
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Live Session with Mental Health Expert

- How to start your day
- How to create positive routines
- How to maintain a work-life balance while working from home
- Managing Anxiety
- Stress Management
- QnA with the expert
20 Minutes

Health Ambassador of your company

- A fun game to engage your employees and reward the ones who are taking care of their health
- All the participants can play this activity, and by the end of it, they get to know how health-conscious they are, and their colleagues are
5 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Virtual Show Host / Emcee
    Virtual Show Host / Emcee
    A star anchor to take you through the World Health Day celebrations and some super healthy virtual wellness activities for your team members.
  • Mental Health Expert
    Mental Health Expert
    A mental health expert to help your team cope with work stress and work from home in a stress-free way

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