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Virtual Engineer's World Cup - Online Team Building

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About this activity

To add spice and excitement to your regular team activities, SOS Party brings you a unique and super fun virtual Engineer's World Cup.

Highlights of this theme:

- The participants will be divided into different teams (using breakout rooms)

- They'll have to come together to solve challenges that test their spatial, and logical skills

- Live Digita... read more

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Activity details

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The Engineer's Lingo

- Breaking the ice and thanking all the engineers for their contributions to the organization
- Right from the college to the workplace, engineers have their own lingo - their own way of communicating, and that's what our first activity is all about
5 minutes

Extreme Engineering

- A series of super fun and exciting time-bound challenges specially designed for the engineers
- They'll be divided in different teams
- These challenges will test them on logical, spatial reasoning, and knowledge level
- Get ready for the Engineer's World-cup
This activity will be divided into 3 rounds shared below
30 minutes

Virtual Team formation

- All the participants will be randomly divided into different teams
- Huddle up, and get ready with geeky team names and sassy slogans
5 minutes

Game 1: How far? How big? How hot?

- The quick and entertaining first round of Extreme Engineering tests the participating teams on their understanding of size, distance and temperature
- It sounds easy, but wait till we bring in Black Holes, Galaxies and Volcanoes
10 minutes

Game 2: Engineering Whizkids

- This challenge involves your team to solve some real-world engineering challenges
- They will be using old newspapers to create certain easy yet challenging objects within a time specified limit
- Let's see who wins
10 minutes

Game 3: The Tangram Challenge

- If you think your spatial reasoning is good, think again!
- The master game round challenges your team at intellectual and problem solving level.
10 minutes

The Engineering College Fest: Live Performing Artist

- What's engineering without some fun time with friends? We bring you the ever so loved, engineering fest
- Select the performing artist of your choice: Mimicry Artist / Dance performer / Musician / Ventriloquist / or any other category
15 minutes

Winners of the Engineer's World Cup

5 minutes


10 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Show Host / Anchor
    Live Show Host / Anchor
  • Live Mimicry Artist
    Live Mimicry Artist

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