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Uncover the secrets of Budget Traveling in India

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Working from home is not easy. Come a long weekend, and half of your remote team is off to a nearby hill station. If this resonates with you, then this Online DIY Hobby Club is for your employees.

Get to meet your favorite backpacker whom you have been secretly admiring on Instagram, and learn from them their secret to budget traveling. How on earth they can travel to almost any place, and yet never run out of money.

In this online activity, you'll learn:

- How to travel with less than 2,000 rupees in your pocket

- Tips and tricks of Budget traveling

- India's best budget traveling destinations

- Hitch Hiking

- Safety norms to follow while traveling on a budget

- Camping

- Fascinating stories of budget travel

So bring in your remote team, and give them this virtual learning hobby club that they have been always looking forward to.

Activity details

Activity type Time

Welcome to your Virtual Staycation

- We kick off the Hobby club with a fun ice-breaking activity and an introduction to DIY host
5 minutes

Budget Travel Trivia

- Think you are a budget traveler? Think again!
- Busting the myths around Budget Travel
5 minutes

How to travel to anywhere in less than 2,000 rupees

-Yes, you read it right!
- Goa plan is on!
10 minutes

Enchanting Budget Travel Stories

- It's time to share some travel stories, and listen to your experiences too
10 minutes

Women Safety on Budget Travel

- Yolo, solo!
- Budget travel might look exciting, but here are some precautions that you should not miss out on
5 minutes

India's most budget-friendly destinations

5 minutes

Awarding Travel Freak of the Day

5 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Budget Travel Expert
    Your favourite Instagram backpacker is now live with your team. Learn about virtual travel and budget backpacking in this DIY Online activity.

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