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Virtual Magic Show - Learn how to do DIY Magic online

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About this activity

Zoom has countless virtual magic experiences and events to offer. But what if, you and your work-from-home team members can get to learn some cool tricks yourself? Sounds exciting?

In this online hobby club for corporate teams and remote employees, we bring you a super professional magician who teaches you the tricks of the trade.

You get to learn:

- Card Tricks

- Rubik's Cube Magic

- Sleight of hand Tricks

- And how to convert a 100 rupee note into a 2000 rupee note

We are not kidding! This is for real. If you and your team members have been super inquisitive about magic, and how it's done - this is your chance to explore your passion and learn magic.

Benefits of this activity?

- Enhanced employee loyalty towards the organization

- Increased employee retention because your company is giving them a chance to follow their passion

What are you waiting for? Bring it on!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Abra Ka Dabra

- A magical welcome to a magical hobby club experience
5 minutes

Insight into the History of Magic

- How magic was used to win Wars
- Explore the fascinating history of magic
10 minutes

Catch me if you can

- A show of some basic tricks of magic
5 minutes

Mind-Bending Tricks and how to execute them

- Learn how magic is done
- Practise it with our professional magician
20 minutes

Showcase your talent

- Bring along a family member on Zoom, and show your magic to them
10 minutes


5 minutes

Awarding Magician of the Day

2 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Magician
    A professionally trained live Magician teaches your team members and colleagues the tips and tricks of Magic. Shhh! Don't reveal the secret to anyone

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