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Online Yoga class & Mental Health session - Destress your WFH team

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Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness
Physical Wellness
Physical Wellness

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Give your work-from-home employees a professional detox with an online yoga class and a virtual interactive session with a certified mental health expert. Covid-19 has given us all the reasons to prioritize our physical and mental health over anything else.

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Activity type Time

Triangle and Square

- A super fun ice-breaker to spread positivity and happy vibes
It's hand and eye coordination body movement activity to help you ease up your body and relax
5 minutes

Breath and asanas

10 minutes

Yoga and body alignment

10 minutes

Yoga for neck and back problems

10 minutes

Stress management with the Mental health expert

10 minutes

How to overcome Anxiety

- Tips and exercises to overcome anxiety
5 minutes

Simple Mindfulness activity: Notice 3 things exercise

- See 3 things
- Hear 3 things
- Feel 3 things
5 minutes

How to maintain a work-life balance while working from home

5 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Online Yoga Instructor
    Online Yoga Instructor
    Online Yoga class offered by a highly qualified and professional yoga instructor.
  • Psychologist - Mental Health Expert
    Psychologist - Mental Health Expert
    A certified mental health expert to coach your employees on wellness during covid and while working from home.
  • Live Anchor
    Live Anchor
    To facilitate a flawless session for your team, we have a professionally trained live anchor.

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