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The Reader's Club - A Virtual Hobby Club

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Mental Wellness
Intellectual Stimulation

About this activity

This theme gives you an exciting opportunity to meet your favourite best selling author and ask them questions, discuss ideas with them and take a tip or two if you are an aspiring writer yourself.

This theme is for you if your profession resides on the creativity that you can offer or you want to write with a fluidity of hot lava coming out of an active volcano.

A super host leads some more interactive activities that tap into your creative zone and stimulate your intellect.

Select this theme and let the creative juices flow.

Activity details

Activity type Time
Introduction and icebreakers10 minutes
Storytelling-background of writing a novel/story-creating fictional characters20 minutes
Make your story- Everyone will create a story together10 minutes
Ending-awarding booster of the week- dance party5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total55 minutes

Fun add-ons

Activites Details
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after party video of your team's event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.

World class artists who will create this activity

  • Storyteller
    An acclaimed fiction book author to interact with and draw inspiration from to give your creative streak a new dimension.
  • Anchor
    A trained professional emcee to engage the audience in conversations, super fun and creative games and discussions centered around the theme.
  • Instrumental Flutist
    Experience soothing and relaxing tunes on the flute of a prominent Flutist. The perfect ending for a Reader's Club Party.

Activity impact

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