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The Online Team Cooking Show

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About this activity

Put on your aprons and follow us to your screens as we bring on board the best chefs and nutritionists for you. Designed keeping in mind your team building needs, this theme explores food and nutrition with a dash of entertainment and a sprinkle of fun.

Learn fun recipes with your team mates. Get your nutritional queries answered by the professionals. Your takeaway from the event is going to be some delicious yet healthy swaps.

The recipes and cooking hacks you learn will not only help you in your daily life but also bring your team closer.

The Cooking Show is our bestseller culinary team building program which improves the communication skills and sense of community among professionals.

So, get your ladles and pans ready and have a fun-filled time!

Activity details

Activity type Time
Celebrating womanhoodFun Introductions and Icebreakers10 minutes
Health and wellness session-Importance of good health-balanced diet- immunity buildingPCOD/PCOS20 minutes
QnA Segment- Bring in all your questions5 minutes
Cook quick and healthy- Learn some quick and healthy recipes15 minutes
Ending- awarding the health and wellness ambassador5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total65 minutes

Fun add-ons

Activites Details
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after party video of your team's event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.

World class artists who will create this activity

  • Female Anchor
    A trained female host for the event to take you through activities aimed at reinforcing the bond of alliance among team members.
  • Female Musician
    Professionally trained and one of India's finest musicians will join in to bring the magic of music to your celebrations and give you a memorable time bonding with your co-workers.
  • Female Chef
    A well known chef to give you insights into the art that cooking is.

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