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Omicron Variant: Covid Care during 3rd Wave

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As Omicron, IHU, Delta, and other variants of COVID 19 continue to spread across the globe, corporates are taking initiatives to ensure the wellbeing and health of their employees. An essential step in this direction is to conduct a virtual session with a certified lung doctor - pulmonologist to educate and inform your team on how to take care of t... read more

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Third Wave of COVID

- Understand the different variants of COVID: Omicron, IHU, Delta and Delta+
- Difference in symptoms of different COVID variants
- Worldwide trends on different variants
- Trends in India
10 Minutes

COVID Vaccination and their efficacy

- Booster doze
- Vaccination for kids
- New vaccines available in the market
- Vaccination for patients with co-morbidity
10 Minutes

How to take care of COVID positive at home

- Learn about isolation at home
- When to take a patient to hospital
- How to take care of COVID at home
10 Minutes

Breaking myths about Omicron variant

- If there's something spreading faster than the virus, it's myths!
- Break the myths around covid and it's variants to stay safe and healthy
10 Minutes


- Get all your questions on COVID answered by the expert pulmonologist
20 Minutes

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