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Mental Health Series: Cultivating Positive attitude

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Mental Wellness
Mental Wellness

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World Mental Health Day is being celebrated on 10th October 2021 across the globe. With the work from home entering into its second year, the mental health of our employees is taking a serious toll. 4 in 10 working adults are reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is also having a serious impact on employee efficiency, churn, and produc... read more

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How to start your day

- Simple Mindfulness activity: Notice 3 things exercise
- See 3 things
- Hear 3 things
- Feel 3 things
5 Minutes

How to create positive routines

- Inculcating exercise in routine
- How to set aside time to connect with Nature
- How to set aside time to talk to family & friends
10 Minutes

How to maintain work-life balance while working from home

- How to distinguish between work space and home space
- Tips to create a work-life balance
5 Minutes

Staying informed, but not overloaded

- How to prevent social media and news overload
5 Minutes

How to manage anxiety

- Tips and exercises to manage anxiety
- Learning breathing techniques that work
10 Minutes

Using the right words

5 Minutes

How to prepare for sleep

- Impact of sleep on anxiety and mental health
- Activities and Tips to follow for restful sleep
10 Minutes


10 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    A professional live anchor to take your employees through the event in a flawless and effortless way. The comparer will facilitate the session along with the QnA towards the end.
  • Certified Psychologist
    Certified Psychologist
    A professional certified psychologist with years of experience in helping corporate employees deal with anxiety, work pressure and family issues

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