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Healthy Bytes - Online Wellness Activity

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Physical Wellness
Happiness at Home

About this activity

Missing the potlucks with your friends?

The lunches, brunches and dinners at your favourite restaurants and cafes?

The laughter, the joy and just vibin' with your tribe, that all has gone missing, right?


we make it healthy for you!

A total win-win!

Joining you will be an awesome chef with some healthy and tasty recipes and a wellness expert to give you tips on a healthier lifestyle. Ask your questions, note down the recipes and chill with your friends with this informative yet fun session.

You will be sorted for a week's recipes after this event, take that from us!

Activity details

Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers10 minutes
Health and wellness session-Importance of good health-Role of balanced diet- immunity building20 minutes
QnA Segment- Bring in all your questions5 minutes
Cook quick and healthy- Learn some quick and healthy recipes15 minutes
Ending- awarding the health and wellness ambassador5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total65 minutes

Fun add-ons

Activites Details
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after party video of your team's event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.
Live Juggling ActA mesmerizing act put together by a talented juggler who'll from fire to vegetables to crystal balls, putting on a captivating show of skill and control.

World class artists who will create this activity

  • Fitness Coach
    A specialized professional trainer to create a highly engaging work-from-home fitness session for the attendees.
  • Chef
    One of the best chefs in the country with exceptional culinary skills will share some super cool secrets with you.
  • Anchor
    A skilled professional to host the event and make the event gripping with exercises designed to enhance culture in an organisation.

Activity impact

Average rating by all the attendees for this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt happier than before after this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt more connected with their collegaues after the activity

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