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Detox Life - DIY Smoothies and Employee Engagement

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Recharge your work from home team and detox all of their stress with this virtual fun wellness activity for employees. The benefits include work-life balance, better mental and physical health, and yes - a lot of fun!

We bring you the best fun wellness activities for employees and a certified health coach cum chef who teaches you various quick r... read more

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Guilty or Not Guilty: Food habits

- A super fun ice-breaker activity that helps the members connect with each other, and laugh out loud
- The anchor shares certain situations with the attendees, and they have to answer if they are guilty of it or not
- E.g. Are you guilty of preferring junk food over a healthy foot?
- It's a super fun activity that makes everyone feel comfortable and get in the zone to enjoy
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10 Minutes

The Food Jeopardy

- With a twist to the traditional game of Jeopardy, the photo jeopardy gets most of the teams in a dizzy
- Behind each tile are super zoomed images of object of an edible food item and the participants have to guess what is the actual item
- Earn as many points as possible in the 5 - 6 rounds of this activity
- This activity works best for teams of all sizes and even with the audience that is off the camera
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10 Minutes

Learn the best WFH Healthy Smoothies

- Learn how to make the best smoothies, mocktails, and salads that are not just healthy, but taste delicious too
- Learn how to start your day on the right note with the right meal and beverage
- Live demonstrations of 3 healthy smoothies by a certified chef
- Cook along if you would like to taste the awesomeness
35 Minutes

How to build a strong immunity: Practical tips

- Tips on how to have a better immunity from the chef and diet expert
- Understand the significance of a healthy diet and the effect that it has on your daily life and work productivity
5 Minutes


10 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Chef
    A qualified professional chef with outstanding expertise in creating quick healthy recipes to help you adopt a better lifestyle and detox life while working virtually from home.
  • Live Show Anchor
    Live Show Anchor
    A trained dynamic anchor cum emcee for the online Detox life activity to keep the vibe free of stress and worries through fun team bonding activities and food games. Who's up?

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