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Team Building

About this activity

Empowered employees are an organisation's most valuable intangible assets. The greatest and primary tool to empower them is motivation through communication.

The event is headed by a professional Team Coach whose expertise lies in addressing organisational issues in domains of team communication and team building. This session is a great instrument to improve the dynamics of effective communication in your organisation.

Interaction with a real life hero is another important segment of this event. Such interactions are not only inspiring but also impactful to reinforce your organisational perception on leadership. For you to drive maximum value out of this event, we bring you an instrumentalist's performance. Music is said be to be a powerful enhancer of efficiency, after all!

No wonder this event is one of our bestsellers- wholesome and one of its kind!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Introductions and Icebreakers

5 minutes


-Laying down the foundation
10 minutes

Motivational activities

-Understand the importance of motivation through different activities
-Ways to stay motivated
20 minutes


- Bring in all your questions
5 minutes

Hear from the real life Hero

5 minutes

Instrumental musical concert

- sitar/violin/tabla/hand pan
10 minutes


- awarding the health and wellness ambassador
5 minutes


10 minutes


70 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Team Coach
    An accomplished professional Team coach to help you strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills for a holistic growth.
  • Instrumentalist
    A master performer of instruments making a perfect addition to the event's objective of wholesome productivity.
  • Real Life Hero
    An uplifting and inspirational personality who has established high benchmarks of bravery, sacrifice and courage in the society for us to follow and look upto.

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