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More and more people are asked to lead teams these days. Yet, the path to effective leadership is long and not always a straight one - especially when things are remote and employees are working from home. Professional team coaches and facilitators are required to train the corporate management in becoming effective leaders.

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Ice-breaking activity to identify leadership qualities

- Your favorite Manager
- Use empathy as a tool by taking the perspective of different employees and then reflect on positive and negative managerial behaviors
10 minutes

Understanding leadership and its responsibilities

- Setting the climate of a workplace
- Inspiring team members
-Setting values for their team
- Improving team spirit and cohesion
- Being responsible for their team's communication and wellbeing
- Developing leadership skills in others
10 minutes

Explore your values

- This activity helps your employees identify and explore their own and their team's most important values. It is a good exercise for initiating reflection and dialogue around personal values.
10 minutes

Team purpose and culture

Helping a team align on purpose and group culture is a vital part of being an effective leader. Use this activity to create a powerful shared vision your whole team can get behind.
5 minutes

Trust battery

- This activity helps in recognizing relationships at the workplace that may suffer from lack of trust and encourages team members to take actions to build trust.
10 minutes

Live Instrumental Music

- Bringing a high on information session to a relaxing end with a live instrumental session with a Sitarist
10 minutes


5 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Leadership Coach
    Leadership Coach
    A super corporate-coach to take you through a profound journey of experiential and practical leadership and team work.
  • Instrumentalist
    A highly acclaimed instrumentalist to go with the mood of the event which is inspiring and motivating.

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