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About this activity

SOS and its team of experts bring you this theme keeping in mind that perpetual improvement of leadership and management is your organisation's top most priority. Our expert team for this session comprises of a leader from the corporate world, an unsung hero and an eminent musician.

The corporate leader is a specialist in the field of management and culture. The major takeaway of yours from this series will be 'How to go from being a boss to a leader.' The age of millennials belongs to the visionaries, the leaders, we know that.

This event sees brilliance, talent and inspiration come together as we present to you a real life hero to interact and think with. To stimulate your auditory faculty and thus other cognitive senses, a sitarist or violinist's performance comes as a compliment!

This event is not just another seminar or conference you go to kill time or earn certain credentials. SOS commits and delivers. Exhibit A, Leadership series. Select the theme and experience yourself!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun Introductions

10 minutes

Celebrating team spirit and motivatio

-Laying down the foundation
- team formations
-understanding the importance through games and activities
30 minutes

Meet the real life hero

-Hear the story of a real life hero
10 minutes

Live instrumental musical concert

- sitar/violin/flute/handpan/tabla
10 minutes


5 minutes


10 minutes


75 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Leadership Coach
    A super corporate-coach to take you through a profound journey of experiential and practical leadership and team work.
  • Instrumentalist
    A highly acclaimed instrumentalist to go with the mood of the event which is inspiring and motivating.

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