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Virtual Passover Celebration for Corporates - Activities and Ideas

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30 - 500

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Equality & Diversity

About this activity

Passover is one of the most important holidays in Judaism. It's celebrated with great pomp and ceremony across the globe. This year Passover is being celebrated from April 15th to April 23 - and corporates across the globe (including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, and Australia) are celebrating this holiday virtually.

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Grand Opening to the Passover Celebration

- A bright and energetic welcome to your colleagues on behalf of your organization
- History and insight into the holiday of Passover, it's significance and how it is celebrated
- Fun icebreaker activity to make all the participants feel comfortable
- Keynote from the management
10 Minutes

Tradition or Not: Cultural Exploration Game

- We begin the fun team building session with a Tradition or not activity on the theme of Japanese culture
- The show host will share with the participants a few audio/video/pictorial slides and they have to guess if it's a Japanese tradition or not
- This icebreaker activity helps your colleagues know about the Japanese culture in a fun way and bond with each other
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Virtual Game of Tic Tac Toe

- The Classic Game of X's and O's with a virtual twist
- Answer three correct questions in a row to win the round
- Can be played with multiple teams and customized with multiple flavors like Festivities, Celebrities, Sports, Brands
- If you think you have won all the X's and O's game in your childhood, its time to take your team to victory!
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Blindfold Drawing: Passover Edition

- It's time for some fun with pen and paper, we bring you an exciting team game of Blindfold drawing - as you get to learn more about the holiday of Passover
- Get ready with a pen and paper as we play this activity, laugh your lungs out and test your drawing skills
- Find out who is the Picasso in your company
10 Minutes

Alternative Activity: Luck By Chance

- This is your chance to get lucky
- We get the participants to write their contact numbers on a piece of paper
- The emcee calls out digits from 0 - 9 and the person to strike them all out - gets lucky!
- This is one of the perfect activities to hand out some prizes
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Messianic Passover Dance Group (Add on)

- Experience a distinctive style of dance has developed within Messianic Judaism
- It incorporates elements of Israeli Folk Dancing
- Be ready to get mesmerized
- Don't just sit back, by the end of the performance, learn a couple of dance moves - as we click a company picture together
10 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Virtual Emcee / Show Host
    Virtual Emcee / Show Host
  • Passover Dance Group
    Passover Dance Group

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