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Celebrate Halloween Eve 2022 with your remote/hybrid team with the amazing set of unique virtual Halloween activities and games curated for corporate coworkers by SOSParty. Experienced and rated as the best by corporates across the USA, India, the UK, Australia, Canada, France, Hongkong, Singapore, and Malaysia, etc the activities are sure to enter... read more

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Grand opening to the Halloween Celebration

- A spooky welcome to your colleagues and to the virtual Halloween Party
- A bunch of super fun ice-breaker activities to kick off the Halloween celebrations
- Keynote from the management
15 Minutes

Where am I? Virtual Teleportation

- The emcee/show host will teleport themselves to different parts of globe by changing their virtual background
- In this super fun activity, the participants have to guess in which part of the world is the emcee
- This activity is customized according to different flavors, themes, and festivities
- Get your team in for a super fun guessing game with the Virtual Teleportation
10 Minutes

Trick or Treat: Halloween Edition

- Bring excitement with our wildly popular Halloween trick or trivia activity.
- Awaken everyone’s sense of friendly competition in this fun, and engaging way to play team icebreaker.
- We show you certain Halloween traditions (via graphics/videos) which might be false or true i.e. Trick or Treat
- Does your team have what it takes to win all the treats?
10 Minutes

Monster on a budget

- What's a Halloween without a costume?
- If you are not in the costume, go get in one
- We give the participants 2 mins to find any random objects around their home and dress up as a monster
- Once done, all the other participants get a chance to rate their colleagues on uniqueness and creativity
10 Minutes

Halloween Monsters: Catch them all!

- Let's enter the world of monsters and check how much you know about them
- We give descriptions of monsters from different movies
- The participants have to guess which monster are we talking about from the limited clues
15 Minutes

Halloween Minute to Win it Challenges

- Does your team has what it take to be the best?
- We get the participating teams to slug it out it the minute to win it challenges
- This game will have 3 rounds to it and all the team members will get to participate in it
- Round 1: Face the Cookie Challenge
- Round 2: Flip the bottle Challenge
- Round 3: Button the shirt up Challenge
Other customizations available
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Halloween Mannequin Challenge

- Any party is incomplete without music and dancing. We mix these and get uninterrupted fun activities.
- Just one rule, freeze instantly when the music stops, lest you're out. Let's dance!
- Elimination activity and also a great opportunity for the most fun photoshoot
10 Minutes

Add on: The Virtual Magic Show Abra-ka-Dabra

- Experience mind-blowing acts of live magic that involve the good old card tricks, sleight of hand
- Live Mindreading Show: Be wary as our professional magician might just crack open your credit card pin
- All the tricks are done with the audience while keeping them super engaged
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live Show Host / Emcee
  • Live Mentalist
    Live Mentalist

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