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Virtual Gudi Padwa Celebration Ideas for Office - Marathi New Year

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It's Spring! It's Gudi Padwa! The colorful celebration of The Marathi New Year. And to make sure your team members and office employees have maximum fun, we have curated the best virtual activities for you.

Celebrate the festivities on Zoom starting off with a dazzling virtual Lavani dance performance led by a trained professional folk dancer fr... read more

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Festive Welcome

- A bright and beautiful red carpet welcome to your colleagues and their family members
- Fun icebreaker activity to make all the families feel comfortable
- Keynotes from the management
10 Minutes

Festive Happiness Hunt

- A super exciting energizer activity where all the employees and their families can participate
- Spring months is all about spreading happiness and joy. In this activity, we get all the participants to solve some festive riddles. The answers to these riddles are some household items/objects that you can find in your home
- To win points the participants have to bring these objects and show them on the screen
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Tradition or Not: Cultural Exploration Game

- We begin the fun team building session with a Tradition or not activity on the theme of Spring festivals in India
- The show host will share with the participants a few audio/video/pictorial slides and they have to guess if it's a tradition or not
- This activity helps your colleagues know about the varied culture across India in a fun way and bond with each other
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Luck By Chance

- This is your chance to get lucky
- We get the participants to write their contact numbers on a piece of paper
- The emcee calls out digits from 0 - 9 and the person to strike them all out - gets lucky!
- This is one of the perfect activities to hand out some prizes
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Festive Virtual Photobooth

- It's time to wear your cultural/regional attire and get into a super festive vibe - as we click your pictures virtually
- To add to the spirit of Gudi Padwa, here are some titles that you can give away to appreciate your colleagues:
- Best smile
- Best dressed male and female
- Best pose
- Best family picture
5 Minutes

Classical Lavani Folk Dance Performance (Add on)

- Experience the culture and tradition of Maharashtra as we bring you a professional Lavani dance expert
- Don't just sit back and relax, dance along!
- At the end of the performance, the artist will teach your team a few Lavani moves, and we click a team picture together
- This picture is like a souvenir from the celebration
5 Minutes

Folk Masti: Live Musical Concert (Add on)

- Live musical concert with Bollywood Medleys
- Vibe up the evening with melodies that you can't miss
- A popular live musician / band will perform the concert for all your employees
- Request your favorite numbers and jam along
- The best way to end a party on a high note
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Live Dhol (Add on)

- Leave behind your inhibitions and dance on Dhol Tasha, as we bring you a live Dhol celebration
- Join in with your colleagues to the foot-tapping performance and bond like never before
10 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Lavani Dance Performer
    Live Lavani Dance Performer
    You love it. We love it. Real or Virtual, Lavani is our favorite. Give the flavour of the folk dance of Maharashtra to your employees on Gudi Padwa
  • Virtual Emcee
    Virtual Emcee
    A super engaging emcee from Maharashtra to help you celebrate Gudi Padwa - the Marathi New Year. Get ready for online fun games and activities.
  • Live Dhol Performance
    Live Dhol Performance
    A professional Dhol performer, especially on the occasion of Gudi Padwa to level up the vibes and virtual celebration with beats. Standup, and dance along!

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