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Virtual Diwali Party Celebrations for Corporate Teams

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Workplace Happiness
Workplace Happiness

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Diwali is a grand festival and with this theme, you experience a grand affair virtually from the safety of your homes.

We bring the whole essence of Diwali in this online event for you to immerse in the festive spirits.

A renowned Classical Dance expert pays tribute to the Goddess Laxmi through the artful dance offering.

There are fun Diwali-the... read more

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Activity details

Activity type Time

Grand Opening to the Diwali Celebration

- A bright and beautiful red carpet welcome to your colleagues and their family members
Fun icebreaker activity to make all the families feel comfortable
Keynotes from the management
10 minutes

Classical Indian Festive Dance

- A traditional dance offering by a trained professional dancer to bring the culture and flavor of India to the forefront
- Sit back, relax and enjoy the Nritya
5 - 10 minutes

Diwali Happiness Hunt

- A super exciting energizer activity where all the employees and their families can participate
- Diwali is all about spreading happiness and joy. In this activity, we get all the participants to solve some festive riddles. The answers to these riddles are some Diwali items/objects that you can find in your home
- To win points the participants have to bring these objects and show them on the screen
10 - 15 minutes

Festive Virtual Photobooth

- It's time to wear your cultural/regional attire and get into a super festive vibe - as we click your pictures virtually
- To add to the spirit of Diwali, here are some titles that you can give away to appreciate your colleagues:
- Best smile
- Best dressed male and female
- Best pose
- Best family picture
10 minutes

Guess the price: Diwali Game Night

- Diwali is all about shopping and getting festive discounts, and we love that.
- Inspired from the famous show of the 90s - Guess the price, in this activity, the participants are shown some common gift items, and they have to guess the actual price of the product
- It's super fun and hilarious activity
- Participants with the camera off can also enjoy this game
10 - 15 minutes

Diwali Euphoria: A Live Musical Concert

- Live musical concert with Bollywood and English Medleys
- Vibe up the evening with melodies that you can't miss
- A popular live musician will perform the concert for all your employees
- Request your favorite numbers and jam along
- The best way to end a party on a high note
15 - 20 minutes

The Firecracker Awards

- A gratitude building activity that brings your colleagues together
- Nominate your colleagues for different Pataka awards:
- Rocket: Someone who is always on time and finishes their tasks before the deadline
- Chakri: Someone who makes everyone smile and feel good, etc
- On the spot nominations from your colleagues
10 minutes

Alternative Option 1: Live Fire Dance

- Witness one of India's best fire shows live on your screen
- Performed by a professional, the fire show brings to life the different flavors of Diwali and the significance of lighting up one's life
5 - 10 minutes

Alternative Option 2: Live Illusionist / Mind reader

- Witness a professional magician create mind-blowing tricks to bring uniqueness to your virtual Diwali celebrations
- Make it a grandeur event with a live illusionist
15 - 20 minutes

Alternative Option 3: Bollyboom Diwali Dance Party

- What's a party without dance?
- We bring you a live dance party with peppy Bollywood DJ numbers led by a professional Bollybeats dance expert
- Follow the expert or have your own dance moves, but this is the time to have max fun
15 - 20 minutes


15 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Live Anchor / Emcee
    Live Anchor / Emcee
    A professional virtual show host for the celebration. The emcee will create super fun activities and games to give your team the most memorable time!
  • Classical Dance Expert
    Classical Dance Expert
    A renowned professional classical dance expert to pay tribute to Goddess Laxmi through a graceful performance.
  • Live Fire Dance Performer
    Live Fire Dance Performer
    Experience one of India's best virtual fire dance performers bringing this unique talent live on your zoom screens. Get ready to be thrilled
  • Live Musical Performance
    Live Musical Performance
    Bring the joy of Diwali to your ears with melodious musical concerts on the famous Bollywood / Hollywood tracks.
  • Live Magician / Mind reader
    Live Magician / Mind reader
    Add a flavor of live magic to your grandeur Office Diwali celebration. Performed by a professional virtual magician, experience mindblowing tricks, mind-reading activities, and old-school sleight of hand.
  • Live Bollyboom Dance Expert
    Live Bollyboom Dance Expert
    Experience a live Bollywood dance party curated and led by a professional Bollybeats dance expert. Add a masala of Bollywood to your virtual Diwali party with this expert category.

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