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Office Dosti Friendship: Fun online team building activity

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Team Building
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WFH has us missing the water cooler information exchange sessions with your colleague. Also, team lunches and impromptu post work plans. As we spend time locked in, we realise it's not the places we miss but the moments of bonding and social interaction that we thought nobody can take away from us.

Keeping up with the new normal, we have brought t... read more

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Meet my friend

- A super fun and unique icebreaker activity where the participants don't introduce themselves, but the person on their right in the zoom grid view
- The introductions have to be fun and done within in 30 seconds
5 Minutes

Virtual Team Formation: Creating bonds

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact with their team members, come up with a team captain, team name, and team slogan
- Let the competition being
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

Scotland Yard

- Purpose: Team communication, Concentration, and performance under time pressure
- A super fun activity where the teams are required to put on their detective hats and figure out simple yet challenging clues from within a set of pictures that are shown to them
- Each team gets 60 seconds to identify 6-7 clues
10 Minutes

Pretend Like Picasso

- Purpose: Creativity, team coordination, and how well do you know your colleagues
- A team competition activity where each team competes to gain more points
- A set of questions are shown on the screen, and the participants have to draw the answers to these questions - not write
- The game becomes even more fun when the participants get only 3 chances to guess the answers
- Bring out the Picasso in your team, let's compete
10 Minutes

The Brand Quiz

- Purpose: To test the creativity, Perspective, and business acumen of your team
- In this activity, we do a very fun nostalgic marketing trivia with famous taglines, products, and advertisements
- Includes audio-video rounds
10 Minutes

Points tally and Leaderboard announcement

- Let's have a look at the final leaderboard and where do all the participating teams stand
- The winning team gets the special recognition for their achievement
5 Minutes

Winners announcement

5 Minutes

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  • Live Show Anchor / Team Building Expert
    Live Show Anchor / Team Building Expert
    A live professional anchor to lead the super fun and exciting team-building games and activities for your remote employees

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