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Disco Station - Online Dance Party

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Physical Wellness
Know Your Colleagues

About this activity

We give you an event where you workout without even realising that you are working out

And party without the side effects of partying!

This theme will have and your friends dancing to the popular hits just like you would pre covid, only virtually and from the safety of your homes. And - you are burning calories!

A fantastic zumba instructor, you and some will to let your hair down is our suggested combination for a lit Disco Station. Copy the zumba instructor's moves or just wing it, it's totally upto you. The instructor will transport you to the retro era with the most interesting games and activities.

Experience a different team bonding experience as you dodge the webinars and conferences, instead you go with the flow and have fun.

P.S. Happy Endorphin Rush - on the house!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun Introductions and Icebreakers

15 minutes

Dance your heart out

-stretching exercises
25 minutes


- awarding employee booster of the day
- dance party
5 minutes


10 minutes


55 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Disco Dancer
    We provide you with a professional dancer worth their salt in the industry to virtually dance with, disco style!
  • Anchor
    A crackerjack emcee who will keep you glued to your screen throughout the event,play games to know your colleagues better and lift the team-playing spirit.

Activity impact

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