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Back to the 90s - Virtual Team Building Activity

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Mental Wellness
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About this activity

The glorious innocent 90s- not a timeline, not a number but a heartfelt emotion. The decade of Shaktimaan, Doordarshan, Milton bottles and simpler times!

SOS is on board if you want to time travel and relive the 90s. The only hitch is a time machine.

We happen to have the next best thing for you- a 90s themed event!

Our wellness experts and anchors take you down the nostalgia lane as you share your most memorable childhood anecdotes and memories with your team members. Take it from us when we say that everyone lived through the 90s alike. Our themed games, riddles and treasure hunts will show you how! To give you a wholesome 90s experience, the theme comes with a zumba session. You'll be sweating it out to the best playlist from the decade.

Let us transport you to the hopeful 90s with our theme, until a time machine is invented!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Fun Introductions and Icebreakers

15 minutes

Forever 90s games

10 minutes

Dance your heart out

15 minutes

Doodle woodle

- Bring alive the child in you
15 minutes


- awarding employee booster of the day
- dance party
5 minutes


10 minutes


70 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor
    A professional emcee to engage the audience in nostalgic and fun group activities which aim at bridging the gap between team members.
  • Zumba Expert
    A super energetic zumba dancer to take your team's endorphines to soaring heights and connect with your team members.
  • Musician
    Just the right type of expert musician for this event to create a binding musicial ambience for the audience.

Activity impact

Average rating by all the attendees for this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt happier than before after this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt more connected with their collegaues after the activity

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