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Back To School - Unique Virtual Team Building Activity

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Back to School is a super fresh virtual theme to get your remote employees energized, recharged, and feel connected. This theme takes you back to the good old school days and brings back the nostalgia: right from the tricks that we used to pull off on our friends to the dreaded PTMs!

What about those report cards, anyone? Hahaha! This is going to ... read more

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Yes, ma'am? No, ma'am?

- Are you a teacher's pet?
- Well this super fun icebreaker works the best, if you are not!
- In this activity you will be put into silly situations, and you don't have to answer it as a yes or a no!
10 Minutes

Homework! Go and grab!

- We've all come up with multiple escuses when it comes to bringing homework to school
- Well this time around, it's going to be a fun game of grabbing the most iconic school age items and brining them to the screen
- Brownie points if your kids join in and help you win
10 Minutes

Chalk board: Pictionary with a twist

- In this activity, we test your communication skills and analysing power
- This activity works the best in small to large team groups
- Do you have what it takes to be the class monitor?
15 Minutes

The Virtual Magic Show: Abra-ka-Dabra

-Experience mind-blowing acts of live magic that involve the good old card tricks, sleight of hand
- Live Mindreading Show: Be wary as our professional magician might just crack open your credit card pin
- All the tricks are done with the audience while keeping them super engaged
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

The musical melody: Live Violin

- The music class used to be one of our favorites during school. Here we bring you the SRK from Mohabbatein to give you a melodious session on a Violin
- It's going to be a treat to your ears
Activity reference video
10 Minutes


- We find teachers throughout our life's journey and not just in school
- We take out last 5 mins to appreciate and show gratitude for our colleagues in the workplace who have taught us a lot - not just about work, but also about life
5 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Virtual show host / Anchor
    Virtual show host / Anchor
    A live show host to take you back to the good old school days. The anchor will lead the event and make sure that all your employees are engaged and feel energized by the end of the event.
  • Live Magician / Illusionist
    Live Magician / Illusionist
    A renowned magician/hypnotherapist/illusionist to throw you off your seats and leave you dazzled. If you have children in the home, get them along for this segment.
  • Live Instrumental Violinist
    Live Instrumental Violinist
    A live violinist to bring chillax vibes to the back to the school activity. Listen to nostalgic tunes and request your favorite melodies.

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