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Girl Power Zoom Party - Celebrating Women at Work

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About this activity

This theme totally does justice to the popular belief that God must be a woman! We do believe that women run the world and being the creators on the planet, they should be celebrated. this theme is SOS' gesture to celebrate the OG girl power.

This theme is an empowered session of discussions and expressions. You express yourself through art, music or mandala with our awesome artists.

Fun games and dance sessions to tap into the Euphoria zone!

Not to mention, all artists mentioned are women. The central theme stays you- the women and we make sure that essence of being a woman is celebrated through this theme.

Activity details

Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers10 minutes
Celebrating the girl power -games5 minutes
Dance your heart out20 minutes
Paint party-Bring alive the artist in you-Let the bright colours express your feelings15 minutes
Ending- awarding employee booster of the day- dance party5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total65 minutes

Fun add-ons

Activites Details
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after party video of your team's event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.
MusicianA professional musician, one of India's finest to bring you closer to your colleagues as you bond over fun musical jams.

World class artists who will create this activity

  • Female Anchor
    A professional and trained hostess for the event to lead fun games and activities that target at strengthening the Diversity and Inclusion domain of the organisation.
  • Female Dance Expert
    A professional choreographer to lead group activities based dancing and shaking a leg.
  • Female Art Expert
    A female art expert to lead creative, relaxig and fun art based activities. Select from mandala / doodling / painting / zentangle art forms.

Activity impact

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