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Beach & Bonfire Party - Online Celebrations

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Work-life Balance

About this activity

This group activity is for you if have been craving for the carefree 'bonfire by the beach' vibe.

This is a theme with a lot of fun laden games and activities ,music and dance.

Dance on the most hip playlists curated by the best artists. A performance by an LED poi artist and an awesome vocalist will set the vibe right and needless to say, this theme is an SOS quick fix for the beach deficiency syndrome.

Select this stress busting theme that brings the beach to you when you can't go to the beach!

Added benefit is a change of flavour from the routine- a must to check burnout and increase productivity in work and in life!

Activity details

Activity type Time
Fun Introductions and Icebreakers15 minutes
Celebrating womanhood-games & activities10 minutes
Live musical concert15 minutes
LED poi performance5 minutes
Ending- awarding employee booster of the day- dance party5 minutes
Buffer10 minutes
Total60 minutes

Fun add-ons

Activites Details
After party videoOur editor-pros will make an epic after party video of your team's event. The video is a fun memento your people can share with family and friends, and you can use for recruiting.

World class artists who will create this activity

  • Female Anchor
    A female host will join the event to lead audience centric interactive group activities that are as entertaining as they are gripping.
  • Female Musician
    A professional musician, one of India's finest to bring you closer to your team members as you bond over fun musical games and activities.
  • LED Poi
    A Well trained Poi artist to complete the package of entertainment for you and your mates with an enchanting LED Poi performance.

Activity impact

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Glimpses of the online activity

Choose a professional way to engage your WFH employees

Let us give you a flavor of what SOS Booster Party feels like and how it can do wonders for your Team.

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