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Goa Beach Virtual Travel Party for Corporates

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About this activity

Goa is not just a place. It's an emotion. It's a vibe. We transport you virtually to Goa with this theme. That is the next best thing to being in Goa, take our word for that.

Join your team vas we walk you through the absolute Goan experience, virtually of course.

No Goa experience is complete without dance and music. So, you get to go bonkers dan... read more

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Virtual Landing in Goa

- Goa themed fun team icebreaker games, - If you think you have been to goa, think again as we test your Goan knowledge
- Guess the fun clubs and Goan dishes
- Audiovisual rounds
15 minutes

Getting Beach Ready: Go and Grab!

- We show you some common beach items on the screen
- Use your memory, record the items in your mind
- Go, grab and show these items on the screen
- Nostalgia from Goa - team bonding and storytelling
10 minutes

Cabana beach Dance Party

- Let's rock the beach and dance the night away with the Live Dance Party
- Our Beach Dance Expert takes you to the Club Cabana and makes you dance your heart out!
15 minutes

LED / Fire Poi Performance

- Enjoy the goan beach nightlife with an Internationally acclaimed Fire / LED dance expert
- Experience a live human rainbow
- This is the highlight of the party, make sure your family members also join in
5 minutes

Live Konkani Musical concert

- Enjoy the real flavour of Goa with real goan musician
- This unique experience goes really well with corporate employees
15 minutes


10 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Beach Dance Party Artist
    Beach Dance Party Artist
    A super talented live beach Zumba dancer who'll have your remote team get up and dance along for the perfect Club Cabana dance party.
  • Live Beach Party Anchor / Emcee
    Live Beach Party Anchor / Emcee
    An online emcee to take your team through super fun Goan Beach themed games and activities.
  • LED Poi / Fire Poi Artist
    LED Poi / Fire Poi Artist
    SOS Party brings you the most authentic and entertaining Goan experience through one of the most talented LED / Fire Poi artists.

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