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Bingewatch - The Webseries Game Show Team Building Activity

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Team Building
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Like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar? Then we bring here the best virtual game show ideas to engage your team. If your team is the one that likes to Bingewatch some of the most famous web series out there then this new virtual game show team building will be a perfect fit for your audience.

Designed especially for the newage remote/work-fr... read more

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Activity details

Activity type Time

Green room - Welcome to the Webseries world

- A bright and beautiful welcome to your colleagues to the virtual activity
- A bunch of super energizers to kick off the activities and make all the employees feel comfortable
- Keynote from the management (optional)
10 Minutes

Virtual Team Creation

- The employees are randomly divided into different teams using the breakout rooms feature of Zoom
- Huddle up, and get ready to give your team cool names and sassy slogans
- Select your team captains, and get ready to compete in the activities
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

The OTT War - Netflix, Prime, Hotstar

- Each team participates in multiple audio, video, and pictorial rounds
- The teams have to guess from the clip/audio the OTT platform to which it belongs
- Each team gets 10 seconds to guess and decide while other teams try to distract them
- To ensure that no one googles the web series, the name of the series is not revealed.
- Does your team have what it takes to win?
10 Minutes

The Missfit: Odd one out!

- If you have binge-watched some of the most famous series on the OTT platforms, this one is for you
- Each round will have 4 different series/screenshots/audios. Each team will have to guess the misfit from the options shared and why
- Earn points and rule the points table
15 Minutes

Snap the Picture: Identify the series

- Can your team spot the web series from a bunch of stills shown on the screen?
- In this round, use all your visual memory to recall the web series and win points for your team
- Think it's easy? Wait till you play it!
15 Minutes

The Tournament of Seasons

- Some of our most loved shows have multiple seasons and new seasons that we can't wait to have released
- We show you stills/videos from different series and you have to take a shot and guess which season is it?
- Your chance to conquer the scoreboard as we move towards the ending of the Gameshow!
10 Minutes

The Anime Express: Decolourized Cartoons

- Love anime or cartoons? This special round is created just for you.
- Can your team guess the correct standard color that should replace the gray on the cartoon character while avoiding the decoys?
- From Yogi to Flinstones we have all the famous anime characters with us.
- Let's find out!
15 Minutes

Add on - Coffee with a Webseries Celebrity: Fireside Chat

- This is your moment of fame as SOSParty brings you your favorite OTT celebrity on the screen
- With super fun impersonations of their OTT characters, the celebrity will make your teams go crazy
- Are you in for a Rapid Fire with the celebrity? Let's do it!
- Audience questions can also be a part of the segment, depending upon the celebrity's choice
15 Minutes

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    Live show host / Emcee

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