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Team building doesn't have to be boring or unpleasant anymore. But if you are on a budget, then don't worry! SOSParty brings you the super Indoor team-building activities & games that you can perform in your office, cafeteria, board room, banquet, or resort.

The League of Legends is the awesome indoor team-building games contest that helps you a... read more

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Balloon Pop: Let the fun begin!

- Purpose: Strategic thinking while laughing and playing like children
- All the participants will get the props of a balloon and a toothpick
- The challenge is to save your balloon from getting pricked
- The smash begins, run around the game arena and save your balloon
- The last ones to have their balloon safe and sound - win the game
- This game has a big learning that'll be shared by the facilitator by the end of it
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15 Minutes

The Diversity Bingo: Competitive Know Your Team Activity

- Team Team Bingo helps participants to know each other in a fun, and competitive way.
- Each participant will have a Bingo ticket with different team personality statements mentioned on them.
- Participants will have 10 minutes to mingle around, introducing themselves to each other and trying to find someone for whom the statement in each of the squares is true.
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10 Minutes

Catch me if you can: Team energizer

- Objective: A fun energizer, to focus on mind and body coordination with an objective to win
- All the participants are divided into pairs
- In-between the participants a prop (e.g. plate/cup) is kept
- They have to follow the confusing instructions of the emcee and grab the prop the fastest
- The winners of the first-round move into the next round
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

That's my song: Team Division Activity

- A fun twist to team division/pairing up of the participants
- Each of the participants gets a chit with a song written on it
- They have to identify their team members by humming the song
- Everyone gets 5 minutes to figure out their teams
10 Minutes

Lava Flow: Cross the river challenge

- Objective: Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Problem Solving
- Lava Flow, is a team-building indoor/outdoor game in which a group must cross the river of lava by jumping and maneuvering on different objects.
- The number of objects per team is limited.
- The fun part is participants must remain in contact with the platforms at all times. If any participant loses contact, then the object will be swept away by the lava and removed leaving them with fewer objects to use to complete their crossing.
20 Minutes

Pass the action: Non-verbal Communication Challenge

- Objective: Laughing, Energizing, and learning about communication skills - via body movements / non-verbal gestures.
- The emcee gives a "weird action" to each team.
- The team stands in a row and they have to pass that action to their colleagues - one at a time
- The person at the end of the row then shows the final action/message that got communicated to them
- This challenge gets people to laugh their lungs out and understand the importance of non-verbal communication
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

The Newspaper Walk: Stimulating Creativity

- Objective: Team Work, Strategy, Creative Mind
- With a set of newspapers, each team has to come together and decorate one of their team members who is going to walk the ramp.
- Each team gets only 15 mins to make innovative creations
- Once done, the decorated person from each team walks the ramp with music in the background.
- Post the ramp walk, each team gets 3 minutes to explain why their model is the best
- Basis the creativity, sales pitch, and teamwork, each team gets the points.
Activity reference video
20 Minutes

Dance Party

- Objective: Celebration
- We end the team building activities on a high note with the emcee getting everyone to dance together
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Sharing Circle: Closing Activity

- Purpose: Sharing, Connecting with your colleagues, and Relaxation
- At the end of the session, we get all the participants to form a circle
- And share their experience: What they learned, how they are feeling and if they made some good friends
10 Minutes

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