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Independence Day Celebration and Decoration at Office - Onsite activities

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Employee Participation

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Celebrate the 76th Independence Day of India - Azadi ka Amrit Mahaotsav with your employees and colleagues - Back in your office. SOSParty brings you various shades of our country in form of culture, dance, music, and valor in this back-to-office festive celebration.

Filled with patriotic activities, performances, these 60 - 120 mins of unique g... read more

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Patriotic Team Energizer

- Objective: Getting the participants to be active at the beginning of the fun session
- The emcee kicks off the session on a high-energy note
- With patriotic peppy numbers and get them to energize, and do away with the monotony of work
- By the end of this energizers, the participants feel super energized and in the zone to participate and have un
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10 Minutes

The Diversity Human Bingo: Independence Day Themed

- India is a diverse nation with multiple cultures, languages, and experiences
- Team Human Bingo helps participants to know each other in a fun, and competitive way.
- Each participant will have a Human Bingo ticket with different experiences and cultures of India mentioned on it. E.g. Someone who knows at least 5 Indian languages; Someone who has been to at least 10 states of India.
- Participants will have 10 minutes to mingle around, introducing themselves to each other and trying to find someone for whom the statement in each of the squares is true.
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10 Minutes

Des Rangila: The Map of India Activity

- A great way to get to know each other is to have participants place themselves on an imaginary map laid out in the room representing the state/country according to where they grew up.
- You'll be astonished to see how the participants place them: some of them being weak in geography
- Everyone will have a great time learning about the history of their colleagues too
- In small groups, the participants also share one internal value they got from that place, and why its important for them
20 Minutes

That's my song: Team formation activity

- A fun twist to team division/pairing up of the participants
- Each of the participants gets a chit with a patriotic song written on it
- They have to identify their team members by humming the patriotic song
- Everyone gets 5 minutes to figure out their teams
10 Minutes

India of Our Dreams: Blindfold Balloon Activity

- In each of the teams, two of the participants are blindfolded.
- Each team is presented with a set of 10 balloons - representing the goods and evils of society.
- The evil balloons need to be burst using a toothpick, whereas the good balloons need to be saved.
- The members of each team need to guide the blindfolded participants on which balloons to burst and which to save.
- The teams compete against each other to create the India of Our Dreams.
- The team that finishes the fastest wins.
20 Minutes

Independence Day Minute to Win it Challenges

- The Minute to Win It Challenge includes the activities contestants must complete in under a minute.
- Each of the participating teams nominates their team member for the different rounds
- There are 5 - 6 rounds for the Minute to Win it challenge
- Tasks include: Face the cookie challenge, backward t-shirt challenge, flip the bottle challenge, etc
20 Minutes

Tricolour - The Team Karaoke Challenge

- Get ready for an exciting round of Patriotic Karaoke Party
- From 90s retro songs to patriotic - we cover and sing it all
- Get along with your team members and see if your team can win the Karaoke Challenge
- There'll be 3 different rounds to the Karaoke segment
- Bonus round: Sing the song backwards
25 Minutes

Add on: Live Dhol Dance Party

- Experience the foot-tapping live dhol in your office/cafeteria/lawn to make your Independence day celebration epic
- The beats of the Dhol will make the party come to life
- From famous Hollywood tunes to patriotic songs, the dhol adds the flavor of awesomeness to the celebration
30 Minutes

Add on: The Mesmerizing Flashmob

- Experience the most amazing live flashmob experience in your office
- Led by professional flashmob artists - available in groups of 5, 7, 9 (depending upon your choice)
- The experience will be facilitated within your office premises and is bound to leave your employees spellbound
- If required, SOSParty takes care of the sound and music requirements.
- The flashmob can be customized for any theme: Festivities, Annual days, Celebrations
- The flashmob ends with everyone coming together and dancing together
10 Minutes

Add on: Dj Dance Party

- Bring your office Independence party to life with a live Dj dance party
- All the employees join each other on the dance floor as the Dj hits the peppy patriotic numbers and gets everyone to dance their hearts out!
30 Minutes

Add on: Office Decoration

- Get the best-in-class office decoration done for your office festivities, events, and activities with SOSParty
- SOS Party team will manage everything end-to-end
- All of the decoration is customizable according to your company brand and requirements
- Decoration props include balloons, danglers, entrances, real and artificial flowers, paper hangings etc
120 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Anchor / Emcee for the event
    Anchor / Emcee for the event
  • Live Dhol
    Live Dhol
  • Live Dj
    Live Dj
  • Live Flashmob (5 - 7 members)
    Live Flashmob (5 - 7 members)
  • Office Decoration
    Office Decoration

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