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Sparkles Art Party - Online Office Activity

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Team Building
Mental Wellness
Work-life Balance

About this activity

A beautiful team building activity for you to come together with your team mates, express yourself through art and make a positive difference to your work energy and productivity.

Art forms like mandala, doodling, painting etc stimulate your creativity. That gets you solving problems quickly, like a boss!

This theme is a pleasant change from working on screens and gadgets. You feel the thrill of connecting with your team mates over something as organic as art instead of DMs and Mails.

No fancy paraphernalia required, just get your good old pens, pencils and paints and 'artify' your way to more efficiency!

Activity details

Activity type Time

Introductions and Icebreakers

10 minutes

Happy minds

-games & activities to relieve stress
15 minutes

Doodle woodle

- express yourself with the bright colours
15 minutes


- awarding employee booster of the day
- dance party
5 minutes


10 minutes


55 minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Self-expression Expert
    An expert of art (mandala/painting/doodling/sketching) to engage the audience in various art activities that stimulate creativity and morale boosting.
  • Anchor
    A trained dynamic host for the event to keep the vibe free of stress and worries through various activities and games.

Activity impact

Average rating by all the attendees for this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt happier than before after this experience
Percentage of attendees who felt more connected with their collegaues after the activity

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