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Workplace Happiness

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With work from home becoming mainstream, a lot of us feel that the already blurred line between work and personal life has been erased. This makes it essential for corporates to ensure that their employees get a sense of work-life balance and are able to manage their lives in a more meaningful way.

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The Test: Are you suffering from Work-Life Imbalance?

- What is work-life balance?
- In the opening segment of our workshop the coach will shed light on what work-life balance
- The coach will take the participants through a quick test to analyze on a scale of 1-10 how much imbalance is currently there in their lives
10 Minutes

The Benefits: What does a balanced life look like?

- Before we explore how to achieve work-life balance, it's important to understand the benefits of work-life balance
- What does a balanced life look like? The coach will share insights on the same
10 Minutes

The pillars: Work, Family, Self and Society

- Understand the different aspects of one's life
- How to divide time between Work, Family, Self, and Society
- What does the ideal distribution looks like
- Knowing the 5 stages of Warning
10 Minutes

Four Stages of Work Life Balance

- Delving deeper into the process of understanding ourselves:
- Self Assessment
- Exploration
- Implementation
- Evaluation
- Process Activity: Personal vision and mission in life
25 Minutes

Achieving Work Life Balance

- We learn about the 9 easy techniques to achieve work-life balance
- Simplify
- Destress
- Delegate
- Slow down
- Health
- Don't postpone
- Approach
- Planning
- Mindfulness
15 Minutes

Question and Answer

- Live QnA with the coach
- Ask your specific questions
15 Minutes

World class artists for this activity

  • Lifestyle Coach
    Lifestyle Coach
    A new age expert of Lifestyle coaching to encourage you to make better lifestyle choices and achieve harmony in personal and professional life.
  • Compere
    A live show host to open the event, engage the audience and ensure that the participants feel comfortable during the session. The compere will also introduce the coach and facilitate the QnA session.

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