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Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are celebrating it in your company office (in-person) then we have got the best Xmas-themed fun games, ideas for activities, and the most happening live concert for your work family.

This Christmas spread joy and happiness at your office along with good entertainment and team-building activities. Com... read more

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Welcome to the virtual event

- A colorful and warm welcome by the emcee/gamemaster to all the attendees
- Fun energetic icebreaker activities to make the participants feel comfortable and charged up for the session
- Keynote by the management (optional)
10 Minutes

Santa's Hat Challenge

- "Santa Claus is coming to town".. All the participants would be given a red Santa Claus hat that they have to keep on throughout the evening
- The hat cannot be removed. If anyone is caught removing the hat or the hat falls from one's head then he would be out!
- The person who is seen wearing the hat the whole evening without opening the same for even once would be termed as the winner. Easy? Try it out!
10 Minutes

Christmas Presents: Wrap them up Challenge!

- We pair two participants and make them stand beside each other. The adjacent wrists need to be tied to each other with a ribbon and then covered with a stocking/sock
- They are then given a box, wrapping paper, and a cello tape and asked to wrap a gift in the best possible way
- The pair who packs the box neatly wins.
15 Minutes

Christmas Bomb Drop

- We'll divide the participants into two teams, and every participant would be given an inflated balloon
- The focus is to put the balloon in between the knees and send it to the other part of the room without dropping it
- If the balloon falls down the participant needs to pick it up again and run, and if the balloon bursts then you are already out
- This is one of our favorite Christmas party games for office
20 Minutes

The Desk Thief

- You really need to be a good thief for this game!
- This game is not only enjoyable but entertaining as well
- Steal one product from the desk of each person and then display those items during the party
- Everyone needs to recognize their items and then take it back
- This game sets the up vibe for the party
15 Minutes

The Christmas Mannequin Challenge

- Xmas celebrations are incomplete without music and dancing. We mix these and get uninterrupted fun activities
- Just one rule, freeze instantly when the music stops, lest you're out. Let's naacho!
- Elimination activity and also a great opportunity for the most fun photoshoot
20 Minutes

Jingle Bells: The Xmas Musical Concert

- It's Christmas! Vibe it up with our exclusive live concert to set the mood right for the celebration
- Join along with your colleagues as we all sing together and make merry!
30 Minutes

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